Pox Party release Inter FacePainter.

23 April 2013

Putting the creativity back into the interface, art and funware developers Pox Party have released a new tool allowing for businesses and their users to individualise their own interfaces with Inter FacePainter. Drawing attention to the fact that, despite a history of progress in, say, arts, technology, literature, film, theatre, performance… the abstracted enrichment of the grids and boxes of our digital surroundings has yet to catch up. You can download the app from the Pox Party website and be comforted by the fact that, in having partnered with all the major desktop and OS developers there won’t be any headaches in the near future. InterFacePainter-boring

aqnb’s interest in the duo grew after seeing their talking heads discussing the functional nightmare of Apple’s planned obsolescence on Nik Briz’s prosumer manifesto and while they’re rolling with the punches, don’t’ expect to be able to use the system if you have a Mac OS operating system that is any older than 10.7. But in being, as they call it,  “future proof” the line must be drawn somewhere, so let’s start from here.**

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