‘Comma Sutra’

Slava – ‘Better’

6 March 2014

NYC based producer and new media artist Slava is releasing a new EP Comma Sutra on Software, March 25.

To herald its release the single, ‘Better’, isn’t so much what its title implies, but completely different to the earlier footwork-inspired material. It’s got some pretty intense rave vibes and a ghetto bass going, as opposed to Raw Solutions‘ crudely constructed, all live analogue recording of last year.

But thankfully, there’s still that sense of brazen hedonism and perversity to his subject matter which yielded 2013’s incest video of the year ‘Girl Like Me‘ and a new EP cover for Comma Sutra necessitating a censored and an uncensored version.

Hear the track below and see the Software label website for details. **

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