Circuit Training

Anna Zett @ Banner Repeater, Jan 29

28 January 2016

Anna Zett is presenting a series of performances at London’s Banner Repeater on January 29.

The event closes off the Berlin-based artist’s Circuit Training exhibition, running at the Hackney art space from November 13, 2015, to January 31, 2016, and will feature a sequence of exercises incorporating text in an attempt to “get in touch with the secular deity generally known as the human nervous system.”

As an artist interested in “the physical end of language”, Zett draws links between boxing as a practice and “the archives of modern art and commerce” in an attempt to connect the experience of fist-fighting with verbal and visual communication.

Circuit Training builds on a practice that has developed from the entanglements of “science and fiction, bones and imagination, entertainment and politics” in “research drama” ‘This Unwieldy Object’ (2014), to boxing as a radical form of dialogue in essays like ‘Fist to Brain‘ at The New Inquiry.

See the FB event page for details.**

Anna Zett, 'Circuit Training' (2015). Video still. Courtesy the artist.
Anna Zett, ‘Circuit Training’ (2015). Video still. Courtesy the artist.
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Anna Zett @ Banner Repeater, Nov 13 – Jan 31

12 November 2015

Anna Zett “plays with the physical end of language” in Circuit Training, an exhibition of a newly commissioned video and text work running at Banner Repeater from November 13 to January 31.

Drawing from the artist’s own boxing practice and from general archives of modern art and commerce, Zett produces a series of texts and images that attempt to connect the notion of fighting with that of verbal and visual communication.

“Boxing is”, the press release writes, “a radical form of dialogue, just like a caress, but at the other end of language”. Zett’s show also features a performance on January 29 and comes alongside Banner Repeater’s fundraiser.

See the exhibition page for details.

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