Church with no magic


4 September 2012

One of our favorite Australian bands¬†are ready to release their 4th LP, and while there aren’t any release or album details (all we know is they’re leaving Warp for the recently created Felte) they’re teasing everyone today with their opening song… “Shiver”.

A plain message, an excuse and an even more minimalist video to delight us with their unmistakable sounds and start the buzz around their new work, which if we are to believe some of their previous on-line trails, it shouldn’t sound too far away from their last album’s bonus tracks…

But we prefer what they’re presenting us today, an intimate and somehow suggestive song… a good excuse to invite us all to their upcoming tour which will take them almost everywhere, sad to see none of the 4 dates in Franceland are in Paris. Nevertheless we invite you to see them.

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