Christopher Negrini


26 January 2013

Penumbear creator team Taco Graveyard have been quite busy lately, extremely busy with their release, but they have enough talent and will to find the time and ideas to develop other titles in parallel. Enough time for Salvatore to submit their mutiplayer “Duplicity” to KS & Ouya’s extremely short game jam which ended last Wednesday.

“Duplicity” is pretty much a 2-player horizontal tetris fight. Both player use their pieces to clean their lines as on the traditional game (in a horizontal way) while at the same time generating an extra row on the adversary’s screen. You obviously loose when you’ve run out of room.

Now that it’s entered Ouya’s “Create” competition we hope it will make it to the final round (February 11th) and then maybe… grab one of those great $$ prizes to develop the game… community support is important pipol… so sharing is caring.

Duplicity color alternative
Duplicity color alternative
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