Christine Park Gallery

Ting-Tong Chang @ Apiary Studios, Oct 6 – Nov 5

5 October 2016

Christine Park Gallery is presenting Ting-Tong Chang‘s solo exhibition North Indies – Pilot at London’s Apiary Studios, opening October 6 and running to November 5.

This will be the London-based artist ‘s first iteration of a long-term project that adapts the format of the soap opera into art making. It will be followed by subsequent exhibitions, forming a loose narrative and storyline.

The title references writer Joseph Hall‘s satirical novel, The Discovery of a New World or A Description of the South Indies by an English Mercury (1605). Similar to Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, imaginary voyages “create a satirical narrative by describing a journey to an ideal commonwealth or utopia” providing an “appropriate setting in which to air ideas without fear of retribution”.

The series is set in an imaginary landscape known as the ‘North Indies’ and incorporates elements from both London and Machu Picchu, creating a world where “modern Western civilization and ancient Mesoamerican and Incan culture collide”. It is a world of diverse indigenous cultures, human sacrifice, spiritual celebrities, and NHS shamans. Themes include authority, loneliness, conflict, angst, insecurity, humiliation, and sexuality.

See the Christine Park Gallery website for more details.**

Ting-Tong Chang @ Apriary Studios, Oct 6 - Nov 5

Ting-Tong Chang (2016), Courtesy Christine Park Gallery, London.

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