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Mushpit Issue #7 launch @ Ditto Press, Jun 25

23 June 2015

Ditto Press is holding the launch of Mushpit Issue #7 at their London location on June 25.

The biannual magazine was born out of, as Mushpit writes, “some intense girl talk sessions” and boredom. The publication’s founders, Charlotte Roberts and Bertie Brandes, fed up with patronising life and fashion advice filling mainstream magazines, decided to create an alternative. “We believe the best way to criticise the unrealistic representation of women in the media,” they write, “is to prove it wrong.”

Creating a magazine (for women?) that they intend “to connect with an audience we believe actually exists”, the magazine is their answer to the modern woman. Distributed by Antenne Books in the UK and internationally and by Marginal Press in Japan, Thursday’s launch will bring good vibes and…free Bacardi Breezers.

See the FB event page for details. **

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