Susan Hiller showing at Matt’s Gallery.

Susan Hiller. Channels.
6 March 2013

Florida-born, London-based artist Susan Hiller has her fourth show, Channels, running at Matt’s Gallery until Sunday, April 14. As one of the early exhibitors at the east London gallery running since 1979, Hiller’s 1991 show, An Entertainment, featured the first multi-screen video work in Europe. Much has changed since those days and in a world where a multiple interface experience of the world is the norm, her current exhibition is a vast audio-visual installation that is no doubt as immersing as the technological era that surrounds us.

Susan Hiller, 'Channels' (2013). Photo by Bernard G Mills. © 2013
Susan Hiller, ‘Channels’ (2013). Photo by Bernard G Mills. © 2013

Yet, no amount of scientific research can figure out what exactly is the cause of that age-old phenomenon of the ‘Near Death Experience’, which is something Hiller questions through the disembodied voices -spanning time, people and cultures -describing their experiences with the ‘other side’. Rather than offering an answer to the conundrum, the exhibit promises an unbiased exploration of NDEs, while examining the contradictions and shortcomings of our modern belief systems. **

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