Ceri Hand Gallery

Hannah Knox @ Ceri Hand

24 August 2013

Artist and RCA graduate Hannah Knox will be showing at her first solo exhibition, Buff, at Ceri Hand Gallery, opening Thursday September 19 and running until October 26.

Reducing painting to its primary components and clothing to its essentials, PVC and day-glo silk will be folded, stitched sprayed and draped across the space with titles referencing the body as vanity project and its clothes as its ornamental sheaths in works like ‘Sport-Luxe’ and ‘S.E.X Love Triangle’.

See the Ceri Hand Gallery website for more details. **

Hannah Know, '1978'.
Hannah Knox, ‘1978’.
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Ceri Hand Gallery ‘Summer Fete’

9 August 2013

As galleries around the Northern hemisphere close up for the Summer, Ceri Hand Gallery will be filling the gap with their inaugural Summer Fete, on Saturday, August 17. It features stalls and works for sale for under £250, from over 50 artists, including Deuce Deuce, Sophie Jung, Hannah Perry and Yangjiang Group.

ESP (Extra Special People), Eastside Projects and Grand Union (Birmingham) will be running a special gallery stall, while artist performances and games, from Tombola and a six hour anarchy badge production line to “Curatorial agony aunt service” and a cake in the likeness of gallery owner Ceri Hand. With food and refreshments, interactive poster games and a solo show in a BMW, this is a fête not to be missed.

See the Ceri Hand Gallery website for more details. **

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