‘Ceremonial Chamber’

MSHR @ Cell Project Space, Feb 27

24 February 2014

A collaboration between Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper, MSHR will be presenting their performance, Ceremonial Chamber, at London’s Cell Project Space, February 27.

Merging technology with the primal and intuitive aesthetics of folk art and spiritualism, the project engages its audience in improvised action, across hand-built electronic instruments and visual stimuli, to psychedelic effect.

MSHR have been working together,¬†across electronic sound, organic material, light, and reflective surface, under the name since 2011, performing at Portland’s now defunct Appendix art space and working with art collective Oregon Painting Society. Murphy also produced a videogame as supplement to some MSHR tracks, InwardConchUpwardSpiral, which you can play and download here.

See the Cell Project Space website for details. **

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