Cathy Haynes

before breakfast… @ Tenderpixel, Jun 26 – Jul 26

24 June 2014

The latest exhibition to hit London’s Tenderpixel gallery is before breakfast we talked about the furthest visible point before it all disappeared, running at the space from June 26 to July 26.

The group show examines objects as they relate to time, space and materiality, and features a handful of artists working through a variety of mediums to create an open conversation between art, history and alchemy in the form of the exhibition.

Included in before breakfast… are the time maps of Cathy HaynesFay Nicolson‘s marginalia, the works of Kentaro Yamada and Andrea Zucchini, as well The School of the Event Horizon’s exploration of the black hole.

See the Tenderpixel event site for details. **

Marginal Notes (Bad Signs) by Fay Nicolson.Image courtesy artist.
Marginal Notes (Bad Signs) by Fay Nicolson.Image courtesy artist.

Header image: Cathy Haynes, ‘Life Map (Tristram Shandy) I & II’ (2014).

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Chronovisor: Archive @ South Kiosk, May 15 – Jun 20

12 May 2014

The Chronovisor: Archive group exhibition is running at London’s South Kiosk, opening May 15 to June 20.

Featuring Mirko SmerdelRowena Harris, Verity Birt, Patrick Hough, Cathy Haynes and Johann Arens, the exhibition follows themes of time and artifice in relation to the chronovisor.

It’s a viewing machine with a lens that traverses space and time, presenting a conglomerate of problematic images spanning some of history’s most iconic moments, allegedly created by a Venetian Roman Catholic priest in the 1960s.

Looking to obscure historical context and presenting these images in new and troubling light, there’ll be evocative sculptural pieces and Google street view-fed images among others.

See the South Kiosk website for details. **

Header image: installation view, ‘Maul’ series by Rowena Harris. Image courtesy artist. 

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