TIFKAS @ Arcadia Missa, Mar 5 – Apr 4

4 March 2015

Artists Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings come to Arcadia Missa for their first joint solo exhibition, titled TIFKAS and running from  March 5 to April 4.

The exhibition is envisioned as a re-materialisation of the idea of a gay bar as a politically queer space, an idea that stemmed from and with their joint 2014 project @Gaybar. Much like their project, the show envisages “a fantasy gay bar through reimagining queer iconography, history and writing that spans geological, political and temporal locations”.

Accompanying the exhibition will be a book titled after the @Gaybar project, with contributions from Caspar Heinemann, Jesse Darling, Hannah Black and Kate Tempest, and excerpts from the incredible part-memoirs of Leslie Feinberg in Stone Butch Blues.

See the artists’ joint website for details. **

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