Taffy Colored Clouds

2 June 2011

From Aleix to Alex, another young cartoonist but this time from San Diego (now moved down to Culver City, LA). Mr doodles (or Chiu if you prefer) lives in a big messy house with neon paint all over the garage floor and loads of old records and fliers… symptoms of a compulsive-obsessive disorder… or of someone who knows how to live well.

High Heels

He describes his own works as “nonsensical drawings”, very loaded visceral pieces that keep invading the local (LA) and on-line worlds with his bubbly eyed creatures… our page, zines, t-shirts, art shows… (a few already scheduled for this month in LA). And how did we get to know him? Well, he got recently interviewed @ Saatchi On-line, and that can’t go unnoticed for us.

Nice to meet you

But besides earning his pennies in this crisis climate Alex also participates actively in the DIY Grad school which seeks to “question our current higher educational system through the use of technology, multi-media interaction, peer groups of learning, community art and music events, and the praxis where theory and practice meet“. The collective itself provides with collaborative higher learning in the arts without having to pay the excessive tuition fees (and believe us we know a bit about that here in the U.K.). More like a complement to your academic education, maybe you should check it out if living around the LA area.

Hellish Nightmare

Oh and if you decide to Google him, please go for this one, not the immortality one (he’s fake). More images (or even buy his prints) this way.

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Sticky Poultry

16 May 2011

Doug Savage likes most companionship animals… dogs, cats, lizards, widow spiders… the usual. But he also likes domesticated birds, especially Galliformes. He’s convinced that one of those subspecies (chickens) with more than 20 billion individuals scratching the worldwide soil for grain (as well as laying eggs) will rise one day against our fragile supremacy. That, or they’ll catch a deadly cold and then we’re all f****, pretty much.

Or maybe he’s just portraying the very essence of our human stupidity, our simplicity as earthly beings who despite thinking our western culture has reached the peak of human sophistication with all its new social structures, opportunities or dreams…. it’s just as rotten and basic as 1000 years ago.

Cocks, roosters, hens, pullets, cockerels… he loves them all equally, such a scientific passion for this species that he’s decided to dedicate them a daily note!

Behind these corporate-hater chooks, marketing-addicted fowls and existentialist-goosey chicks there’s a Vancouver-based cartoonist who seems to know very well all the nasty tricks from the office environment. And after more than 6 years of chicken love “Savage Chickens” has slowly but steadily become one of the biggest memes on the Internet.

aqnb: Hello Mr Savage, do you know why is tofu so tasteless? Continue reading Sticky Poultry

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