War studies

24 April 2011

This, is a magnificent reproduction of a Portuguese cannon cast by Javanese at Macao in 1672  then captured from a Chinese War Junk by the Honourable East India Company Steamer Nemesis under the command of Sir Kyle Platts in 1856.

Ok it looks more like a WWII cannon but for a second you believed me huh?

Kyle Platts is no Sir (yet), and I bet he wouldn’t like to become one, getting more recognition for his works (and not necessarily his military ones) would also be a big achievement. About to graduate from Camberwell College of the Arts this summer Mr Platts has a particular fixationwith pen, ink and skateboards.

and we discovered his works through his Zine a few weeks ago

“My drawings are informed by a mixture of my own imagination and satirising everyday life”. And despite what you may think, he’s a truly committed catholic, one of the few left in this land of sinners!

Hopefully he’ll get another exhibition, at least his graduation one! (rest of his works on his blog).

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