Escape the map

25 November 2011

It’s been a while since I last wrote about an ad campaign. Maybe too long ago but very few seem to reach my brain these days. “Escape the map” is one of those clever attempts which has successfully got my interest, maybe its mix of virtual, sci-fi, mystery and neat visual effects made the trick.

This time BBDO partnered with the RSA and Digital Domain to create a campaign (it’s all over the UK now with street advertising, on-line banners etc) for Mercedes’ C-Class C 350 Coupe, may be pretty obvious it’s a car advert but you can’t resist the intrigue right?

Behind the ad you’ll find visual effects expert Jay Barton and director Carl Rinsch who happen to be working together in the Universal Pictures film “47 Ronin” and decided to create this interactive journey inspiring themselves from Google Street View elements, will the future look like this? More precisely they used photogrammetry — a technique in which measurements are taken from photographs to create real-world objects — to create the world.

The result? This minisite which reproduces the parallel universe seen on the video above and that we wouldn’t mind fully diving into. Some gaming studio to use this please? via.

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Funding friends of friends of friends on Kickstarter

25 August 2011

Jason Eppink just came up with one of the best Kickstarter campaigns ever launched…. A Kickstarter Project to Raise Money for Other Kickstarter Projects. And he is totally right, if so many cool people are working on so many cool projects and everyone’s money goes to other people’s projects…. where does the money actually come from?

From suckers like us!

Maybe we should all start a Kickstarter campaign! Or if not, a Kickbackstarter just like Jason who has created an identical page  to that of an ordinary KS project because apparently his idea was rejected by the KS guys even when framed as “performance art” (booooo).

KickStarter is an amazing service but it’s true that keeping track of the hundreds of projects initiated each week (day) and filtering, selecting and backing a few becomes a hard task even for us, addict users. They should have Jason post his “project”… we’ve seen far less imaginative and more ridiculous ones, but we would probably have done the same if he had succeeded lol.

In any case Jason is actually raising $$ through Paypal and says he will be forwarding them to actual Kickstarter projects….mmmm we won’t try and have that phone conversation with him… but he’s quite right about a few facts.

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Ken gets angry

27 June 2011

Now is it really over Mr Carson? Really? As in seriously this time? Because… you’ve been quitting Barbie for the past let’s say…. 50 years? And let’s not talk about your closet truth.

But with one another great campaign for Greenpeace International (this time by by Passion Pictures & Blacknail’s debut direction) it surely looks Ken is serious about leaving her. Why?

Looks like Barbie has some personality disorders and visits Indonesia’s rainforest for some wild secret parties… with animals and everything!

Greenpeace are now targeting big toy mama Mattel because it seems they’re using Indonesian rainforest wood for Barbie’s packaging.  More specifically Mattel uses paper packaging for the world’s most famous toy from Indonesia’s most notorious rainforest destroyer Asia Pulp and Paper (APP).

The big buzz is not only to raise concern but to act and send a letter to Mattel’s CEO (this way).. a viral campaign that Greenpeace has launched in 18 countries at the same time using social media (twitter, fb & youtube mainly) to spread the Barbie nasty word.

Ken's message to Barbie @ Mattel Headquarters - USA

On Twitter, as Greenpeace protesters were unfurling a giant banner from the roof of Mattel headquarters, the company tweeted from @BarbieStyle (53,400 followers): “After a 7-year break, I really need to update summer pictures of me and Ken! Collecting seashells on the beach to decorate a picture frame.” Since then: radio silence on a feed that normally features ten or more tweets a day.

Meanwhile, anyone searching for @barbie on Twitter would see such tweets as this one: “Yes, I participated in #Deforestation…how else am I supposed to heat the “Dream House”? #Barbie.”

Oh Barbie…. you used to be young and pretty… more photos this way.

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Nokia’s leftovers

13 June 2011

Reading this morning about how Samsung is about to take Nokia as the world’s largest Smartphone manufacturer (and probably go behind Apple & HTC by the end of the year too) left me a bit sad. So many good year’s with this brand and their well known “Connecting people”…. wish I could go back in time and play snake on my Nokia 3310….

And what has Nokia got left to do? Surrender to WiMo 7 of course, ditching Symbian, Meego and any other dreams, but while they prepare for the next battle (reconquering some market before they disappear)  Nokia still has a few leftovers to sell, and they better sell them by millions…. or at least try to.

So besides plastering the London underground with N8 ads for months the Finnish multinational hasn’t got many other options but to market the only good thing left in their latest smartphone device…. the camera lense. Which is supposed to be amazingly good (if we trust the Carl Zeiss guys)… and to prove it you have their ad up here… looks like they’ve hired some of Microsoft’s ad-making & PR guys.

And as you also know the basics of marketing, when your product doesn’t stand-out by its own features… make it shine, let it shine…

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Museum of Me

10 June 2011

These Intel guys…. when they’re not partnering with D&C, they’re organizing something with Vice, or Jotta, or…. whichever digital artist. Just like Google they’re new kings of data-visualization projects and their latest hit is the “Museum of Me“…

It’s just another data aggregation page making your facebook friend network & key info look great on virtual museum “of your very own”. We’ve seen 43564356 examples of this using twitter’s APIs, but still, it’s another 3 great minutes of useless but beautiful wowing aiming to convince you how powerful and “oh so extraordinary” Intel’s processors are.

So…. you got the message? Will you consider an ix Intel processor the next time you buy a laptop or a Tablet? (even if for these Intel is still out of the market itself).

This way pipol! (thanks Izmir)

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your mama on twitter?

5 May 2011

Google’s I/O is just around the corner, and today they’ve also presented a good list of new products, but rather than talking about one of their (now traditional, conventional… easy) happy puppy campaigns we thought twitter was a better option…

It’s not the first campaign twitter has produced (already have 25 videos on their youtube channel) but with their last month’s “follow your interests…” probably the one which better reflects the maturity of a grown up product.

Twitter is about to go 5 years next July, and it certainly looks more  & more like the new Google (in terms of product communication… maybe something more?). All the uninhibited & carefree way of presenting their products that we all got to love from Google and that others like —– haven’t quite managed to understand, absorb or even copy.

They seem so distant those days when we still considered twitter “another” “maybe” successful SXSW start-up that one day could “potentially” be bought by Google or Msoft. Whether these two like it or not Mr Biz & their team are here to stay (independently) for another 5 years or so… and that’s palpable in the way they advertise right?

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31 October 2010

Canal + Spain just like Canal+ France has always had some pretty ingenious ad campaigns for their products, programs & image rebranding. The Spanish version (despite being 2 independent entities) always tends to be more abstract & metaphoric in their campaigns….

Continue reading Sofas

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