Brothers McLeod

Isle of Spagg

16 June 2012

“On the other side of the Vertic Sea where things are distinctly fishier”, floats a very genuine island populated with fish-lover-makers and tough sea-workers who enjoy black beer after their daily routines, a simple yet cordial atmostphere imagined by BAFTA & Webby Award winning Brothers McLeod for their latest series: “Isle of Spagg”.

Two of the main characters from the Isle of Spagg
Two of the main characters from the Isle of Spagg: Inger and Herring

IoS charts the trials and tribulations of a seaside community as it comes to terms with the sudden death of someone who, actually, nobody liked much. As for now IoS is just a pilot which the 2 brothers finished last year and after the usual international festival tour they’ve decided to upload it last Thursday to Youtube for our universal pleasure…

Their very personal challenge to demonstrate they’re capable of doing something else than ads and short animations, hopefully duck, little boy and beehive scientists will, in the not so distant future, jump onto the BBC or Channel4 for some northern sea folkloric afternoons. Good luck brothers.

Isle of Spagg still
Isle of Spagg still
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