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Provoking change: Future(s) of Power #2 looks at influence + impact of artistic power at Somerset House Studios, Dec 12

11 December 2017

The Future(s) of Power #2 talk at London’s Somerset House Studios takes place on December 12.

The second of four events curated by Superflux (Somerset’s studio residents) will “explore the influence and impact of artistic power to wider society” and features musician Brian Eno, writer Juliet Jacques, artist Liv Wynter and Jinan Younis of gal-dem.

The evening asks questions like ‘does their success and exposure empower participation in political discourse?’ and ‘does the artistic community wield its power to the best of its ability?’ It will look at how we engage with our current sociopolitical climate and will explore/debate the tools and strategies needed to “radically challenge and provoke change.”**

Visit the Somerset House Studios website for details.**

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An Interview with Mental Powers.

Mental Powers. Adaptations
14 January 2013

Mental Powers are born of the suburbs. As yet another band from Western Australia with a unique aesthetic and perspective born from their singular surroundings of urban sprawl, geographical isolation and cultural boredom, the Perth-based band affect sonic distraction and physical transcendence through their second LP PRO BONO, out on independent label Badminton Bandit.

Mental Powers.
Mental Powers.

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