Heatsick + Bassclef (HSBC) @ Schinkel Pavillon, May 5

4 May 2016

Heatsick and Bassclef are coming together as HSBC to present Travelogue at Berlin’s Schinkel Pavillon on May 5.

Part of a larger series of concerts organized by Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff at Schinkel Klause, the event will also feature Grayson Revoir‘s installation Wedding Season has Begun among other performers including Dan Bodan and Lukas Hofmann, Katrin Vellrath and more.

Taking place in the evening and continuing through the summer for six weeks, the Pavilion will be painted grey and renovated into an exhibition space. The press release describes the brick church as a transitionally space that is “collapsing in on itself, held up internally by the scaffolding that also wraps every building surrounding it.”

See the Schinkel Pavillon website for details.**

Steven Warwick + Ulrich Krieger, REENGINEERING VILLA AURORA (2015). Performance. Courtesy the artists.
Steven Warwick + Ulrich Krieger, REENGINEERING VILLA AURORA (2015). Performance view. Courtesy the artists.
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