Bartolomé Seguí

Hágase el caos

31 March 2011

We’re in love with Spanish comics lately (ouch), and if last week we were talking about Fagocitosis let’s give some visibility today to a recently published jewel from another gifted duo: Felipe Hernández Cava & Bartolomé Seguí.

“Hágase el caos” is the story of Alex, a British (with obvious Yugolsavian origins) citizen who becomes the visible puppet of a dark plot to kill Tito. What no-one knows is the real dimension of the plot, who does Alex really work for? It’s 1953 and the SFR Yugoslavian Prime Minister Josip Tito is visiting London. A few months before Alex’ mother is run over, something that makes Alex ask himself about his human condition and his origins… the history of the Balkans since the XIX century.  A classic spy story where the darkest secrets of society are exposed (think John Le Carré or Graham Greene), where the fragility of the Balkan fraternity is deeply taken into account mixing historical facts with hypothetical “what ifs?”.

This is the first volume (from 2) from the magicians behind “The Blind snakes” who won the national comic award in 2009 and “Lux” has recently been published by Norma Editorial (13€).

You can read the first four pages of the comic with an interview here (Spanish only sorry…use G translate), but we’re pretty sure it will soon be published (at least) in France, Belgium… and who knows… maybe in the States…someday!

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