‘Baby is a Cool Machine’

Picking apart family histories + the American South in Aria Dean’s Baby is a Cool Machine at American Medium, Oct 19 – Nov 25

19 October 2017

Aria Dean is presenting solo exhibition Baby is a Cool Machine at New York’s American Medium, opening October 19 and running to November 25. 

Picking apart both her own family history and the mythologies of the American South, the Los Angeles-based artist, writer and curator presents a new series of works that becomes “an interrogation of objects-for-themselves.”

In an accompanying text written by Hanna Girma, she poses the question, “How do you begin to unburden an object bound to nothing when you too are tethered to nothingness? No body. No history. No landscape. How do you release it from the clamor of its own form?” The exhibition is an exploration into these questions, and the complexities that entangle an art object and ‘blackness.’

Visit the American Medium website for details.**

Aria Dean, ‘Dead Zone (1)’ (2017). Detail. Photo by Elon Schoenholz. Courtesy the artist + Château Shatto, Los Angeles.
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