Avery Singer

Being There @ Vilma Gold, Jun 30 – Jul 30

29 June 2016

The Being There group exhibition will be on at Vilma Gold, opening June 30 and running July 30.

Alongside a simultaneous solo show by artist Brian Griffiths called Bill & Vilma at Vilma Gold, curator Matt Williams has brought together several artists for what promises to be a strong and bold mix of material and political practices that mostly seem to deal with structures and their building or unbuilding.

Exhibiting artists are Neïl BeloufaHannah Black, Eliza Douglas, Klara Liden, Colin Lowe & Roddy Thomson, Stuart Middleton and Avery Singer.

As is often the case with the East London space, there is little by way of information prior to the exhibition opening itself save for a photo of someone tuning a TV that is broadcasting a moment between Sesame Street’s Big Bird and a young woman.

See the Vilma Gold website for (limited) details.**

Klara Liden, Picture Poster, 2008. Courtesy the artist.
Klara Liden, ‘Picture Poster’, 2008. Courtesy the artist.
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Here I too exist @ Koppe Astner, Sep 24

24 September 2015

Koppe Astner opens a new group exhibition, titled Here too I exist and opening at the Glasgow art space on September 24.

The group exhibition features works from British artist Aaron Angell, Peles Empire (the collaborative work by Katharina Stoever and Barbara Wolff), NYC artist Avery Singer, Belgian artist Caragh Thuring and UK-born and Lisbon-based artist Emily Wardill.

See the FB exhibition page for (minimal) details. **

Emily Wardill, 'When you fall into a trance' (2013).
Emily Wardill, ‘When you fall into a trance’ (2013).
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