Gardland – ‘Syndrome Syndrome’

23 September 2013

Getting a release on eminent independent label RVNG Intl., Australian duo Gardland (aka Alex Murray & Mark Smith) will be releasing their album, Syndrome Syndrome, on Oct 28 in the UK. Harnessing the weird energy of the Australian desert during a ten-day, hardware-based wigout, the outcome exists outside of time -a temporal shift only someone from the empty Southern continent could truly understand.

Lead-single and title track ‘Syndrome Syndrome’ is probably one the album’s most primal, moving over arhythmic percussion, the odd hollow metallic crash and bass bounces that peak with a cheesy impression of a dance buildup. The duo also play Krakow’s Unsound festival in October.

See the RVNG Intl. website for more details. **

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Abstract Mutation – ‘Expert Loner’

29 August 2013

So, apparently the mix Abstract Mutation did for us this week was less about corporate aesthetics and more a banal reference to the Trojan infecting James Grant’s software while making it. Still, there’s much to be said for the move to mundanity many artist’s share in trying to dodge pop appropriation and the insidious nature of commodification.

Plus, if it weren’t for the need to escape said eventuality, Grant wouldn’t be such an ‘Expert Loner’ and be able to make the kind of murky dream state that is the homonymous first free-to-download track to be released from his Fake Keygen EP, out now on 1080P. Either way, it’s a far cry from the wreck head joyride of his Remote Admin mix.

Download both, listen consecutively and have a stroke. **

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Abstract Mutation, ‘Remote Admin’ mix

26 August 2013

An hour+ long mix from Australian-based New Zealander Abstract Mutation. Also known as Spelunks@soakingwet and label owner James Grant of Vinyl on Tapes, there’s a sense of the loaded dilettante to his oeuvre, hence the sleepless 6am comedown of this up all night mix. Innocuously titled Remote Admin and accompanied by visuals echoing the dull glare of a stairwell from any global central business district, Grant’s is the muffled cry of artists everywhere.

Because, with the likes of Katy Perry taking on the gaudy Tumblr aesethtic of chrome finish text and thrift store style for her latest album ROAR, it’s only natural no one else would want to do that anymore. Hence, keeping up the corporate aesthetic in a futile attempt to fend off the creep of Capital before it doubtless catches up, completing some weird loop as a painful reminder that product is the universal language.

Abstract Mutation’s Fake Keygen is out on 1080P tomorrow, August 27. You can listen and download his mix below. **

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Lace Curtain – ‘Falling II’

22 May 2013

Australian synth outfit Lace Curtain are on winning run with eminent label signings this year. Having already released their self-titled EP on DFA in March, they’ll have a new EP, Falling/Running, coming out on another NYC label, Mexican Summer, on June 10. Getting a little more organic with a quivering guitar loop as front man David West’s typically monotone vocal cuts a straight line through its nu disco swagger, ‘Falling II’ is a promising harbinger of what’s to come. Punks should go electro more often.

See track-listing below. **


Side A
1. Falling
2. Running

Side B
1. Falling II
2. Running II

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Total Control ‘Sweaty’ video.

Total Control. Photo by Zephyr Pavey.
4 March 2013

Following up their album debut Henge Beat, where Total Control married their punk and hardcore roots with fresh forays into analogue synths and primitive techno, the Australian band has delved further into the existential fog of its subject matter with this video featuring a new track ‘Sweaty’. And rather than using the monotone growl of frontman Daniel Stewart, this one has the slanted vocal of Al Montfort to keep it company as it careers through the raw noise darkness.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, TC members Mikey Young and James Vinciguerra have spliced off into a new electronic project Lace Curtain, while they and the rest of Total Control are embarking on tour of the US in May. For those unlucky enough to be located on the other side of the Atlantic, there’s a digital compilation of all their early 7-inches available on their band camp.**

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New EP from Total Control side project.

Lace Curtain's James Vinciguerra. Photo by Zephyr Pavey.
28 February 2013

If there’s a band that’s good in Australia, chances are they’re associated with Mikey Young. Because if he isn’t recording Fabulous Diamonds and  UV Race, it’s projects like the elemental garage rock of Eddy Current Suppression Ring or synth-punk of Total Control that can credit him as the main brains behind them. Now, Young, band mate James Vinciguerra and Rat Columns front man Dave West are branching off further into the doomsday electronics, circa the brilliantly primitive TC single ‘Paranoid Video‘, christening their new outfit Lace Curtain and dropping a self-titled EP on New York label DFA, March 5.

Incidentally, we interviewed Young last year during Total Control’s US / European tour in the lead up to their ATP performance, where he said that Total Control tried to make their 2012 record Henge Beat as cohesive as possible: “I always knew there would be an element that couldn’t deal with the new wave-y drum machine stuff.” Evidently, this time it doesn’t matter and Lace Curtain are proving to be a band to watch in 2013.**

Lace Curtain's self-titled EP cover.
Lace Curtain’s self-titled EP cover.

Header image by Zephyr Pavey.

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An Interview with Mental Powers.

Mental Powers. Adaptations
14 January 2013

Mental Powers are born of the suburbs. As yet another band from Western Australia with a unique aesthetic and perspective born from their singular surroundings of urban sprawl, geographical isolation and cultural boredom, the Perth-based band affect sonic distraction and physical transcendence through their second LP PRO BONO, out on independent label Badminton Bandit.

Mental Powers.
Mental Powers.

Continue reading An Interview with Mental Powers.

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