‘As you do on earth…’

Carlos Noronha Feio @ Galerie Iragui, Sep 6 – Oct 1

6 September 2016

Carlos Noronha Feio is presenting solo exhibition As you do on earth… at Moscow’s Galerie Iragui, opening September 6 running through October 1.

The exhibition is co-hosted by London’s Narrative Projects and is the first solo show in the Russian capital by the London-based artist. The title comes from the 1924 Soviet silent sci-fi film Aelita. It quotes the intertitle from the scene where ‘Aelita’, who lives on Mars, first encounters ‘Los’, a visitor from Earth. She asks him ‘Touch my lips with your lips – – as you do on Earth’. In this poetic manner, Noronha Feio “underlines the gap in communication inherent within any form of intercultural exchange”.

The artist’s practice is focused on “transcending the limitations of any single culture through the introduction and inclusion of multiple cross-cultural visual vocabularies”. He often works with performance, video, drawing, painting, photography, rug works and multimedia installation.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Carlos Noronha Feio @ Galerie Iragui, Sep 6 - Oct 1

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