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23 January 2012

You know how much I love clowns… it should come as no surprise that each time I discover someone with mental issues but who paints colorful clowns (think George Condo) I have to give them some room in here. Maybe I should paint clowns myself.

Larry Vigon‘s latest series of hypocrite, artist & clown portraits dive into the best expressionist portraiture adding an even more disturbing atmosphere to his previous oils & acrylics… although much in line with the journey into his unconscious mind  “dreams”, his 2005-published journal Larry began to paint at the suggestion of his analyst.

Artist 1 by Larry Vigon
Artist 1 by Larry Vigon

He seems to have stopped his record album designing career a few years ago (from those early Eric Clapton & Fleetwood Mac covers to Counting Crows & Sparks) and have concentrated on his portraiture art despite being a very prolific and influential designer in the record industry.

Artist 2 by Larry Vigon
Artist 2 by Larry Vigon

Is London more inspiring than LA? Apparently so, and hopefully we’ll get to see his works in a London gallery soon enough. More of those dreamy portraits along with his fairly recent Torso series this way. Oh, and hopefully his “Hypocrite” will grab something at the latest “collage” Saatchi on-line showdown.

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Creative Arte

3 October 2011

We may create our own arty-party social network one day, but in the meanwhile we just had a look at ARTE’s new site-building proposal:

There is a need for every artist to showcase their works on-line, and thanks to the wonders of our digital world these have a tremendous list of tools to do such thing. From creating personal pages (Indexhibit..) to joining large art-specialised social networks (Deviant, Saatchi online, Behance…) or simply a personal blog (tumblr, blogger, wordpres…). The choice is massive (and we aren’t taking into account many local and university dedicated networks)…

So the big cultural European giant network ARTE (mostly only well-known in France & Germany) have decided to create their very own personal / artist profile site-building open to all sorts of art-related individuals or collectives.

Let’s think of  as the ARTE version of tumblr for creatives proposing a publishing platform where you can upload any type of media (videos, pictures, flash content..) and use it not only as a blog or on-line showcase but take advantage of their hosting video & media services. A priori there are no limits to upload HD videos (we’ll dig into this) & we really like the classy look of their embeddable player, hopefully with time the customizing & organizing content options will grow.

They describe it as a “site for inspiring contemporary audiovisual creation” and we have to admit that coming from such a recognized network as ARTE is, we’ll give it a serious go. So from now on we’ll use our “creative” arte space as a way to interact & discover amazing collectives & individuals. We highly suggest you try & grab a personal space, it’s free… although you’ll have to convince them why you deserve access to their platform. This way red cells!

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A coffee with… Mélany Dioré

13 October 2009

In this our first interview for aqnb we’ll be talking with Mélany Dioré, a talented artist we discovered a few months ago in Brittany (northern France) who belongs to the artistic collective “Bodyworks“. She’ll be exhibiting her latest works at the L’Elaboratoire (Rennes) from October 24th to November 2nd.

Born in 1979 this “Rennais” works and takes much of her energy from the Atlantic Ocean which surrounds the Celtic lands where she lives….

aqnb: Thank you for being with us Mélany, how about if you start telling us where you come from, a bit of your background…

MD: I come from far away! I’ve always had this “foreigner” feeling which it started being an adolescent: I always had a crystal bubble around me…it was like a frontier but a passage at the same time between people and me.

I decided then to try and find out what “being oneself” meant, regardless of being at home or with others: without the blare, the fake identities, masculine or feminine, the deceptions in the speech…

I’ve invested myself a lot in my studies at Rennes University where I had double-period cycles. In the first ones I deepened as much as I could in order to express my personal interior. I started to isolate myself like an anchorite working deeply with my body, dance, scenography, tissues, wood, design, ink, installations… trying to push my limits.

Secondly I confronted myself… addressing myself to the people to “fight for the truth”, finding what was hard and striking, profound and permanent. This time I showed my work looking for links with this exterior world out of my studio.

Du Sol a la Verticale 7
Du Sol a la Verticale

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