Spamm arrives to ARTE

4 December 2012

ARTE Creative, that sort of facebook for artists (well, that would imply the negative aspects of FB so let’s omit this comparison), or more like the French equivalent of Behance network oriented towards French & German artists just announced yesterday the creation of their mini-website Spamm.Arte.Tv.

Built as a collaboration between SuPer Art Modern Museum & ARTE, is willing to showcase each quarter the works from 15 artists (Maurice Benayoun, Systaime, Claude Closky, Grégory Chatonsky…).

SPAMM 1.1 is the just inaugurated first exhibition comissioned by the team @ Spamm themselves and titled “The Vanity of the world”, throwing a small but loud critic to the ordinary art world vanity and their “supra&super” claims mixing contemporary pop iconography with showbusiness and new media.

15 artists to keep an eye on? We don’t know, but some of those ideas worth being reproduced over and over again. Visit them this way.

Fractura - Françoise Gamma - Gif
Fractura – Françoise Gamma – Gif
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Un Monde Truqué retakes production

27 November 2012

Well it looks like the path for production and release of French bd legend Tardi’s Un Monde Truqué has just been cleared … once again.

Un monde truqué
Un monde truqué

In production since only-god-knows-when (over 5 years, already in 2009 this was big news, then last summer we were re-reassured the film was again in the right pipe…) “Un Monde Truqué” just got the support from Arte France Cinéma who apparently shall be co-participating in the project funding in what will be their first feature animated film…

If not, production should re-start next summer and Je Suis Bien Content (the studio behind the critically acclaimed Persepolis adaptation or the more recent Le jour des corneilles) will continue behind the artistic maneuvers with directors  Christian Desmares & Franck Ekinci, the scenario co-created by  Benjamin Legrand and the artistic supervision of Jacques Tardi himself.

Time will tell if this steamy and Napoleonic VI-reigned scenario will finally come to our theaters in 2014 or … but if we believe ARTE’s own PR things should come.

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Sur Les Traces De Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

15 October 2011

They really hope they’ll keep being the most semi-professional music group in the world, so do we. Phoenix may easily be the best well-known rock-pop French group of the history. The four Versailles kids (Thomas Mars, Deck d’Arcy, Christian Mazzalai and Laurent Brancowitz) who’ve always stick together as a band and above all as a group of friends… not allowing the Sofia Coppola soundtrack wave (they truly became massive after her LIT) or the Grammy award for their newest album mar their big heads.

So even if I admit having tinily criticized their latest album when it came out, the Philippe Zdar production and whole French Touch heritage is something Phoenix can be proud of (I didn’t even know they toured along with Daft Punk, but hey… money making machines aren’t common these days so… better conquer the Americas this way).

Phoenix, not Parisians ... but Versaillais!
Phoenix, not Parisians ... but Versaillais!

Our beloved friends @ ARTE just aired a documentary directed by Antoine Wagner & entitled “Sur Les Traces De Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” (following the steps of…) last Thursday night. 52 minutes that follow the rise (will there be a fall with their upcoming 5th album?) of the most iconic French band from this new century. And pay careful attention to the last couple of minutes (51 to be more precise)… and you may well hear some of the new sounds they’ve been “experimenting with” for their new record.

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Bar Code

8 October 2011

You are what you eat, or…. something like tell me what you buy and I’ll tell you what you are. There are 3452345 variations of these 2 affirmations. Both extremely simplistic but very truthful.

The latest project by two of our most beloved public art conglomerates (Canada’s National Film Board & France’s ARTE) comes  to explore the way 100 daily objects influence our life. The way they ensure our survival, how they measure the passage of time, their sentimental value, emotional power…

Because each object has a different cultural value, its own identity, its own hidden codes.

The idea comes from NFB producer Hugues Sweeney and ARTE program director Marianne Levy-Leblond who’ve been working together with their teams over the past couple of years to bring to life an interactive and experimental approach to object explanation. 100 short films (the list is quite reduced so far unfortunately) by 30 film director from Canada & France along with BarCode website, an iPhone app (with which you can scan objects and track their stories) and a gallery installation. And please please please even if you hate all this interactive-object thingy, visit the website just for the great music put up by some music geniouses such as KnowinglooksMarc Houle, Mosa or the insane  Cacheflowe.

The good thing is that you can help growing their object stories list by submitting  and sharing your own stories.

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Creative Arte

3 October 2011

We may create our own arty-party social network one day, but in the meanwhile we just had a look at ARTE’s new site-building proposal:

There is a need for every artist to showcase their works on-line, and thanks to the wonders of our digital world these have a tremendous list of tools to do such thing. From creating personal pages (Indexhibit..) to joining large art-specialised social networks (Deviant, Saatchi online, Behance…) or simply a personal blog (tumblr, blogger, wordpres…). The choice is massive (and we aren’t taking into account many local and university dedicated networks)…

So the big cultural European giant network ARTE (mostly only well-known in France & Germany) have decided to create their very own personal / artist profile site-building open to all sorts of art-related individuals or collectives.

Let’s think of  as the ARTE version of tumblr for creatives proposing a publishing platform where you can upload any type of media (videos, pictures, flash content..) and use it not only as a blog or on-line showcase but take advantage of their hosting video & media services. A priori there are no limits to upload HD videos (we’ll dig into this) & we really like the classy look of their embeddable player, hopefully with time the customizing & organizing content options will grow.

They describe it as a “site for inspiring contemporary audiovisual creation” and we have to admit that coming from such a recognized network as ARTE is, we’ll give it a serious go. So from now on we’ll use our “creative” arte space as a way to interact & discover amazing collectives & individuals. We highly suggest you try & grab a personal space, it’s free… although you’ll have to convince them why you deserve access to their platform. This way red cells!

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