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Spamm arrives to ARTE

4 December 2012

ARTE Creative, that sort of facebook for artists (well, that would imply the negative aspects of FB so let’s omit this comparison), or more like the French equivalent of Behance network oriented towards French & German artists just announced yesterday the creation of their mini-website Spamm.Arte.Tv.

Built as a collaboration between SuPer Art Modern Museum & ARTE, is willing to showcase each quarter the works from 15 artists (Maurice Benayoun, Systaime, Claude Closky, Grégory Chatonsky…).

SPAMM 1.1 is the just inaugurated first exhibition comissioned by the team @ Spamm themselves and titled “The Vanity of the world”, throwing a small but loud critic to the ordinary art world vanity and their “supra&super” claims mixing contemporary pop iconography with showbusiness and new media.

15 artists to keep an eye on? We don’t know, but some of those ideas worth being reproduced over and over again. Visit them this way.

Fractura - Françoise Gamma - Gif
Fractura – Françoise Gamma – Gif
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