Art Post-Internet catalogue out now

16 October 2014

A PDF catalogue accompanying the Art Post-Internet exhibition that took place in Beijing’s Ullens Center for Contemporary Art last spring was launched October 14 under the name Art Post-Internet: INFORMATION/DATA.

Like the exhibition that precedes it, the catalogue comes as the creation of Karen Archey and Robin Peckham, done in collaboration with the Berlin design team PWR Studio. Diving even deeper into the “online intellectual milieu in which it was first conceived”, Art Post-Internet: INFORMATION/DATA uses extended exhibition essays by Archey and Peckham to expand upon its original themes.

And, like the exhibition, the catalogue presents a diversity of opinions and oral histories from artists working in the ‘post-internet’ realm, including those of artists Cory Arcangel and Bunny Rogers, critic Ben Davis, and museum professionals like Ben Vickers and Omar Kholeif.

Download the Art Post-Internet: INFORMATION/DATA catalogue here. **

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