Arnaud Noble

Deadlock trailer

13 November 2012

We’re still trying to figure out why some games are classified within the FPS category… guess anything with a gun automatically belongs to that universe. Deadlock, a good mix between a colosal shooting arena and a complex yet charming puzzle-platform game like portal, has recently launched it’s own crowdfunding page on the French KS equivalent “Ulule” (probably because the game is French-developed and KS still doesn’t exist outside the US-UK?).

Originally appeared during last summer’s “7DFPS challenge” the French group of developers is willing to make a bit more than half an hour of neon entertainment, that’s why they’re testing the crowdfunding waters, see if the gaming community are willing to fund a 1-2hour polished version of the game and if everyone feels generous… why not a full solo version… or even a multiplayer one?

Deadlock still
Deadlock still

Jumping in an endless void trying to climb a mysterious tower, much like Roland in Stephen King’s novel you’re invited to fight the structure’s cleaning system to avoid disintegration. The good thing is that they’ve made available a demo version for us all to judge¬†whether to support or not. The bad thing is that the link is broken. Keep clicking until you get your own switch gun! More info on their ululepage.

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