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29 November 2011

Maybe future generations will never miss (maybe they wont even get to know) supermarket receipts… with all that useful information we verify to check the cashier hasn’t scanned our vodka twice, or those ice-cream vouchers you get during winter printed at the back with their bar code. I will.

For nostalgics like me, Berg design studio (remember their SVK or incidental media projects?) just announced today their “Little Printer“. A mini-gadget (inkless, thermal printer) that brings you a selection of your app-managed subscriptions creating a receipt with your daily updates (headlines, image of the day, crosswords, to-do lists…).

Little Printer, The Guardian, Daily Puzzle, Picture of the day
Little Printer, The Guardian, Daily Puzzle, Picture of the day

For now they’ve partnered with Arup, foursquare, Google, the Guardian, and Nike, although before it’s launched next year we’re expecting to see a few more “publications”. No word on pricing or exact availability, what we know however is that “Little Printer” is the first of many products that Berg have planned to launch as part of their “Berg Cloud” strategy.

Little Printer, current publications
Little Printer, current publications

You see, LPrinter is just a teaser, a marketing tool to promote Berg Cloud, basically a technology that will connect all their products wirelessly (the Berg Cloud Bridge connects to your router and talks with your devices)  so you can control them via your smartphone, internet and deliver content (or whichever their purpose is).

Needless to say LP has become a massive viral success in the past few hours since it was published and they’re even aiming at big businesses to use their technology, which usages would you give to the smiley box?

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15 November 2011

THIS, is an app to download. Because it lets you rate EVERYTHING. And you know how important is that right? Say you want to rate your flatmate’s yesterday fart… or that annoying lamp post just outside your doorway. It’s a way of 1) expressing yourself, 2) allowing others to know what you thing about anything 3) maybe make some social justice and putting pressure on your local major so a) they change the lamp post location 2) they forbid your flatmate to fart ever again. That would be pure awesomeness!

So Alex Cornell just like recently released rating-app “Oink” founder  Kevin Rose, thinks there should be a universal rating onslaught (as someone puts it… the perfect mixt between twitter, yelp & foursquare). Oink is…. useful… sometimes, and as they say… “you don’t rate places, you rate the things inside”, the problem is that there far tooo many things inside those places… and if you are to rate every fork, glass or ice cube from your visit @ your local Italian restaurant (which you can….), well….


So even if Alex is “certainly not making fun” of Oink with Jotly he is when it comes to the whole proliferation of useless apps & services these days, and they way they’re marketed. “Private” beta modes, invitation-only, amazing levels of granular analysis (so you only get what really matters to you…) and more blabla topics you get from each new service. The best (or worst) thing about this parody is that the people behind are the guyz & girlz @ firespotter who actually develop similar apps (like Nosh) & are backed by Google ventures so…. maybe it was all just a marketing campaign to re-generate some buzz around their food-rating app?

We all want to become “top users for everything in the world”, and if you’re not, then you’re lacking ambition… or you’re simply a big liar.

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12 August 2011

I personally think Apple should stop suing copycats and focus on what the do best pampering their developer community with even sexier advantages and an easier ecosystem. It’s what still sets them apart from the rest of the crappworlds from their competitors…. although not for long

James Alliban‘s newest app is one of those that still make the iPad the most powerful portable toy out there. The Brit technologist who had brought us Fracture & Construct a few months ago, has now come up with a new painting app with a realistic twist… “Composite“.

An app which allows you to remix your surroundings to create artistic compositions. Inspired by the collages of Robert Rauschenberg, this iPad 2 app gives you the opportunity to paint pictures using the live front and back facing cameras. Simply point your device towards your subject and start painting to reveal it.

$2 for what promises to become another must for digital artists…. and you can grab it on iTunes of course (maybe Android market one day…). More info on his blog post.

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Optimistic Weather

5 July 2011

There are great apps, and not-so-great apps. And then you have funny and sometimes useful apps. Android urgently needs more of the latter… all those creative orgasms iOS has and Google dreams of building… of convincing their developer community one day. But little by little we keep seeing new examples arriving to the robot market.

Optimistic Weather is one of those “put a smile on your face” apps which aims to let you control your optimism… over the weather conditions. Not a “conventional forecast we must admit… no charts, no 10-day future guesses… only pure positivism.

These app will always bring you a sunny future because all “tomorrows” are “sunny tomorrows” (English guys @ Nation are behind the project).

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1 July 2011

Meet the latest iOS app nonesense…. aka a time killer: CamBox. Which by just watching the above the video you’ll easily get the idea of how useful (but actually fun) this can be. Remember Cassius’ “I love u so”?

This time Amaury Hazan (the one behind BillaBoop studio) brings us an app to create your own beatbox with videos of your friends… basically each crazy sound you store (from any mate, animal, or supernatural event) is stored as a piece of video into a box. Then you can play the boxes and try to come up with a catchy remix.

The easiest way to create this type of remixes because it involves visual beats!

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Gnonstop Gnomes

21 June 2011

If you have seen Amelie, you may well remember how at the beginning of the film she steals one of her father’s garden gnomes and gives it to an air hostess friend. Throughout the film Amelie’s father receives letters from his garden gnome which include photos of him next to famous world landmarks such as the Taj Mahal or the Empire state building… all those places he had never been to, but knowing at least his gnome got to travel made him truly happy.

Following Amelie’s idea Admob’s founder Omar Hamoui (yes, Admob is that thingy Google uses to put annoying banners inside Android’s apps) recently presented what should become the next big hit “Gnonstop Gnomes“.

His little creatures propose you to take them with you (inside your phone) and take pictures with it wherever you go. Then you check them in as you would do with Foursquare. The real “fun” starts obviously when you share your Gnome’s adventures with your friends, how does this happen?

Once you get tired of your “magic” creature you can transport it to another friend’s device through a magical mechanism called “Lyft”. Just click on the Lyft button, then match the gnome outline on your screen over the gnome on your friend’s screen, and off it goes. Now your friend will have the Gnome, and all the pictures she takes with him will be shared with you.

You will continue to get updates on where your gnome goes and with whom he is traveling…. sounds fun? No? Well…. you can at least try it, its free (although custom Gnomes mean 99cents) and available for both iPhone & Android devices. Enjoy!

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Bla | Bla | Bla

26 April 2011

Mondays is always the best day to discover, download and renew your iPhone app catalogue. Because every Monday 32452345 new apps are added to the Appstore. From such figure, 99% are useless but from that figure 10% are great time funny killers!

Just like  Bla | Bla | Bla: a sound reactive application developed by Lorenzo Bravi as part of a one-day workshop held last December at the design department of IUAV of Venice and in February 2011 at the ISIA of Urbino.

Lorenzo created the app as part of an exercise called “Parametric Mask” within the aim of this workshop called “Procedures of Basic Design”, which is willing to go beyond the classic exercises about form and perception that characterize the course of Basic Design. The programming language used in the workshop is Processing. The porting for iOs was written in Open Frameworks.

More info and source code … this way.

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Sonic Wire Sculptor

27 November 2010

The day the Android platform (or any other) comes to have the number of imaginative apps the iOS platform has, then Steve Jobs may be fired (or they’ll have moved to the next best thing), in the meanwhile as it happened a few days ago with Spirits we shall only pray something like the SWC appears someday on Google’s platform….

Continue reading Sonic Wire Sculptor

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Nissan Leaf iAd

18 August 2010

Now what do we have here? Nissan’s first iAd! And is not one of those fugly admob or Google-served ads for Android. So for once I’m going to stick up for Apple’s advertising platform. Their user-friendly experience is demonstrated once again (even with highly sexiness) for something as intrusive and bothering as an app add….  Continue reading Nissan Leaf iAd

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21 July 2010

We registered on MOG like months ago and never used it. Why? Because we’re mostly Europeans so basically their “All Access” is yet not available here and on the other side we had a pretty good alternative: Spotify. Now they’ve just launched (finally) their mobile app…

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15 July 2010

If you have an Android device you’ve probably grown massive headaches each time you’ve opened the message app (or any other that involves typing). If you didn’t want to pay a few €€€ for a major improvement then u were pretty much screwed with that great Android keyboard… until now….

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