Antwerp Art Weekend

Simon Davenport @ Trampoline, Jan 29

27 January 2015

Artist Simon Davenport is opening his first solo show, titled Noumenal Menagerie, at Antwerp’s Trampoline Gallery this Thursday, January 29.

The exhibition, which runs as part of Antwerp Art Weekend, also includes works by artists invited by Davenport to contribute, including Peter Coffin, Cerith Wyn Evans, Robert Filby, Salome Ghazanfari, Lawrence Leaman, Joseph Murray, Berry Patten, Emily Shinada, Hayley Silverman and Tristan Stevens.

By way of a press release, Davenport has released only a lengthy abstracted text that reads like a military history and begins with “There was no sky over our village”.

See the Trampoline exhibition page for details. **

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