Fake @ Exile Berlin, Mar 21 – Apr 18

20 March 2015

Exile is bringing Fake back in the form of a group show, running at the Berlin space from March 21 to April 18.

The exhibition brings together almost 30 artists and artist groups from diverse backgrounds, working under the ‘fake’ umbrella. By way of a press release, the exhibition merely lists a number of things thought to be ‘fake’: a new browser for Mac OS X, a song by Simply Red, a Swedish synthpop band from the 1980s.

Some of Fake‘s participants include Hanne Lippard, Jo-ey TangMartin Kohout and his sound project TOLE with Tolan, Fox IrvingKenneth Goldsmith, and Anonymous.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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Incognito society

24 May 2012

Hiding behind a mask, a distorted voice or a hood while using a dark threatening tone may not be the best way to defend an ideal, and if we forget the “virtual” asset of its nature, Anonymous could easily be considered a scary threat. Its lack of hierarchy or any sort of organized structure make it even more mysterious… so allow me to mentally masturbate about this movement which dates back to 2003 when it’s believed to be the “formal” beginning of  this entity.

Anonymous Flag in London (photo via Bill Kavanagh)
Anonymous Flag in London (photo via Bill Kavanagh)

In January 2008 the Project Chanology takes big A to the next level. The ethereal yet somehow organised community  found a renown enemy: The Church of Scientology. For the first time Anonymous are cataloged as a raising group of hackivists with the uploading of a video to Youtube harshly criticizing Scientology’s actions then followed by DDoS attacks and finally, non-violent protests.

Their actions have quickly become our morning news and when one day you wake up reading an attack to multinational (like the popular Sony payback operation) the following is a public institution or a government. They’ve long-claimed to be guardians of Internet’s freedom of expression… but it was during the Wikileaks storm and last year’s Arab Spring rising that their actions became mainstream. Continue reading Incognito society

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