Annabel Frearson

Pil & Galia Kollectiv et al @ IMT Gallery, May 8

6 May 2014

Gordon Shrigley‘s Filmarmalade project is presenting three works from three artists exploring the links between “politics, art and the gothic imagination” at London’s IMT gallery on May 8.

Presentations and screenings include Pil & Galia Kollectiv’s film ‘Suck The Living Labour’, Roman Vasseur’s book work Dead Stock and a reading of Light In Dust Tree All by Annabel Frearson, followed by discussion between the artists around the “spectres of the market and the demonology of Capital”.

With capitalism as metaphor for consumerism, greed, bureaucracy and systems of labour continuing to ‘haunt’ the discourse that surrounds it, the event draws on the monsters that inhabit Karl Marx’s Capital as a starting point.

See the Filmarmalade website for details. **

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