Anna Clawson

Shiny Black Thoroughbred @ TENDERPIXEL ends Jan 11

6 January 2014

Bristol-based artists Anna Clawson and Nicole Ward‘s Shiny Black Thoroughbred is running at London’s TENDERPIXEL, running until January 11.

Running since December 6, the exhibition explores “the volatility of hierarchy and Machiavellian strategies of ambition” embedded within fictional settings and TV sitcoms. Drawing on the Doberman as symbol of power and status -from the juxtapositioning of the shiny-coated canine and its shiny-shoed owner in August Sander’s photograph ‘The Notary’ (1924) to the disturbing Greek satire of Dogtooth -the installation explores “horizontal movements within closed networks” while drawing parallels between social control and behaviour training as quoted in the film: “Every dog is waiting for us to show it how it should behave.”

See the TENDERPIXEL website for details. **

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