Andrew Strasser

Co La – ‘Make It Slay’

3 June 2013

Baltimore producer Co La‘s latest release, Moody Coup, out on Daniel Lopatin’s Software label last month, is probably one of the most underrated of the year. And that’s not least because of the exquisitely constructed rag bag of sounds formed into a fascinating, slightly unsettling, collage of modern day music in ‘Make It Slay’.

It’s one that’s fragmented, optimised and manipulated into a reality that’s endlessly weird, which is why this video by film maker Andrew Strasser, who’s also worked with the likes of Girl Talk and Anamanguchi is such a perfect fit. It’s a nightmarish depiction of hyperreal computer effects where everything is just a bit off and things are not what they seem. See the video below. **

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Co La – ‘Deaf Christian’.

Co La - 'Deaf Christian'.
4 April 2013

There’s an incredible texture and tangibility to offbeat Baltimore producer Co La (aka Matt Papich’s) unique sound and this latest creation for ‘Deaf Christian’, directed by Andrew Strasser, captures that sense completely. Following February’s ‘Melter’s Delight‘, this is the second video to be released in anticipation of the follow up to 2011’s Daydream Repeater on NNA Tapes, Moody Coup, due for release on Daniel Lopatin’s Brooklyn-based label, Software, May 6.

Featuring what appears to be the man himself in monstrous distortion eating, crushing and accessorising with some very supple looking fruit, the video plays apt sidekick to the scattered, though strangely thrilling soundtrack of cut-up vocal scatting and unruly rhythms. The fourth wall comes crashing down midway, when you hear Papich being directed from behind the camera, addling another level to Co La’s creative mode of lucid self-awareness. **

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