Andreas Simopoulos

Andreas Simopoulos @ Life Sport, Jun 22 – Jul 10

20 June 2016

Andreas Simopoulos is presenting an exhibition of photographs called Vasilis at Athens’ Life Sport, opening June 22 and running July 10.

Vasilis Zarifopoulos is the “company representative” and “a real life muse” of Life Sport. The press release mentions that although the pair met for a photoshoot, the images were never intended to become an exhibition.


Vasilis is a series of over-sized photos of Zarifopoulos. Since 2014 Life Sport have been investigating ways to live and self-optimise in Athens by producing and selling their own branded grey sweat pants, and curating art exhibitions that run closely and openly alongside this framework. It seems to be the perfect space for large-scale portraits of their representative that investigate “selfhood by defining individual characteristics that make us unique”, amongst other things.

Vasilis (the person and the exhibition) speaks of “a new age belief that our fate lies within us (not the state, not austerity)”.

Life Sport website for more details.**

Andreas Simopoulos, photograph (2012). Courtesy the artist
Andreas Simopoulos, photograph (2012). Courtesy the artist.
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