Alika Cooper

Alika Cooper @ Good Weather, Nov 26 – Dec 31

25 November 2016

Alika Cooper is presenting solo exhibition Wet Suits at North Little Rock’s Good Weather Gallery, opening November 26 and running to December 31.

The show press release opens with a quote from French Post-structuralist philosopher Roland Barthes, “I am engulfed, I succumb…”, and refers to the LA-based artist’s use of gendered techniques, including quilting and appliqué, to reclaim “the female form, its portrayal, and a woman’s formation of her own body image.”

Paintings on hand-dyed fabric evoke the contours of a silhouetted figured while implying the idiom “hung out to dry”, including “subjects—objectification; the dehumanizing mechanics of a pervasive misogynistic culture; male privilege.”

See the Good Weather Gallery website for details.**

Alika Cooper, 'Whose Image is Sealed' (2013). Courtesy the artist + Katharine Mulherin, Toronto + New York.
Alika Cooper, ‘Whose Image is Sealed’ (2013). Courtesy the artist + Katharine Mulherin, Toronto + New York.


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