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Old Man Small Studio

3 January 2012

Sven Kacirek’s Kenya Sessions was released a year ago on Pingipung, and despite all the efforts, release parties and back up from institutions such as the Goethe-Institute or a label such as Kompakt, the Kenyan gem didn’t receive enough attention as it usually happens with African and world music. There’s still growing interest and hype¬† between western labels and African artists, it simply doesn’t always work.

Sven Kacirek's Kenya Sessions cover
Sven Kacirek's Kenya Sessions cover

Kenya Sessions is the personal project of experimental drummer & electronic producer Sven Kacirek who travelled in 2008 to Kenya on an extended trip as part of the Project Tracing Dance (the trip was fully documented on his barabara blog). Equipped with loads of microphones Sven made a stack of live and field recordings ¬†later processed in his Hamburg studio and resulting in ‘The Kenya Sessions’ where we find recordings of Kenyan singers and musicians carefully composed to a flow of 15 pieces mixed with Percussion-, Marimba- and Piano-elements.

The Kenya Sessions is now being released via Altin Village & Mine Records on February 24th 2012 first time on vinyl with a bonus track and while the album is not available via Spotify or bandcamp we really think you should give it a try… if not with the vinyl re-edition… the CD will surely work just as fine.

Sven Kacirek – Old Man Small Studio by altinvillage

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