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Aurelia Guo + Sam Riviere showing their true colours to launch their chapbooks with a reading at Tenderbooks, Mar 31

30 March 2017
Aurelia Guo + Sam Riviere will be reading at the launch of their respective chapbooks at London’s Tenderbooks on March 31. 
“Poetry doesn’t make any sense
In a socialist utopia
But motherfucker this is Media City
And like a true bourgeois
I love surveillance”– excerpt from Sam Riviere’s True Colours
Produced by New York’s small publishing press After Hours Ltd, Guo’s 2016 and Riviere’s True Colours will each have 100 editions. 
Riviere’s previous poetry collections include 81 Austerities (2012), Standard Twin Fantasy (2014), and Kim Kardashian’s Marriage (2015). Guo was recently published in Arcadia Missa’s How To Sleep Faster 7 and the her recent digital chapbook HOME INTRUDER EDITION is available at
See the Tenderbooks website for details.**
Sam Riviere True Colours (2017). Chapbook cover. Courtesy the author + AfterHours Ltd, New York.
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