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12 November 2011

Because 2012 approaches (and you should take the date very seriously) Simone & Oscar are offering a double-sized bunker to share right under Perigueux’ mayor office. An incredible location in south-west France which happens to also be the seat of a Roman Catholic diocese! With its Celtic & Roman roots it’s an option not-to-be-missed!

Space in our bunker by Oscar Van Haken
Space in our bunker by Oscar Van Haken

Simone & Oscar have been  buying long-lasting products @ Lidl since 1987, and even if Simone may not be able to procreate, Oscar certainly can 😉 Here’s Oscar e-mail in case you want to contact him:

Tempting right?  We recently came across this amazing opportunity via one of our French facebook friends, one of the latest street-art gone on-line meme in recent weeks out of the wine land. Oscar Van Haken hasn’t stopped sticking his always “curious” ads all across the Parisian streets… small A4 papers with a photo, a few lines of text and those tear out paper pieces with the number or the e-mail address we’re all familiarized with. Nothing out of the ordinary up to this point.

Home-delivered mass
Home-delivered mass (from bath baptism to lift exorcisms)

But then people started to notice the strange offerings Oscar makes through his ads… “Looking for a 4-cheese pizza slice I forgot Saturday 23d of June, I’ll give a reward even for the leftovers”.

Oscar happens to have a lot of spare time these days…. he’s unemployed, so why not show his creativity to the world? After studying fine-arts & working as art director as well as a freelancer he thinks having a “pro book” or a mere indexhibit profile isn’t enough. Just like many other young graduates these days proving himself and potential employer’s he’s outstanding passes by making a viral campaign. So he did just that.

The first ad (see top of the entry) received more than 20K facebook shares and apparently over 300 e-mail responses… some of them quite serious about the survival matter. Part of what some call the perversionism trend (very dark humor) that some of his colleagues (Nieto for ex, friend of the people behind Logorama) have been exploiting successfully for a few years now and that many French TV channels seem to like. A trend which aims to provoke & create taking credible lies as a basis of their argument. Hope you didn’t contact him for the bunker or you’ll be extremely disappointed.

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