Act O

Act O @ By Other Means, Aug 18 – 21

17 August 2016

The Act O programme at London’s By Other Means from August 18 to 21.

Hosted by Sofya Chibisguleva and YI Zhang,

The weekend will host a timetable of workshops, screenings, live music and performances and will debut with the exhibition 7 Autonomies of Self-Surrender. The event is open all day, carrying on into the evenings and entry is free.

The press release reveals little information on the themes of the programme, but asks its audience to become a screen-gazing ghost of the virtual reality and allow themselves to unlearn within de-composed spaces and the boundaries of irrational: “Play around and be played”.

See the FB event page for details.**

Act O @ By Other Means
Courtesy of By Other Means (2016).
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