2 tired 2 cry: an AQNB music & art compendium

24 November 2020

2 tired 2 cry is AQNB’s third release of new music and visual works compiled and curated by our London, Berlin and Los Angeles-based team.

Part of an ongoing series of these downloadable packages, featuring work by artists in our international community, this next mini-compendium is the second of four to be dropped quarterly. It includes four new tracks and two new original artwork contributions, and is available for sale on our site, or free for our Patreon subscribers.

The theme of 2 tired 2 cry follows a year of collective difficulties and setbacks. Closing out 2020 with some silver linings, and a small shard of hope for the future, the compendium looks towards a long and hard road ahead, that’s not without optimism. This is the sight and sound of upheaval and uncertainty, living with the ebb and flow of life and death. Frustration and exhaustion, anger and grief all live here. We’ve been through a period of emotional extremes, and there’s probably a bit more to come. Hang in there.

Music by:
Angels in America
Mya Gomez

Visual works by:
Ander Rennick
Giulia Essyad

Cover artwork by:
Gian Manik

Graphic design by:
Alex Deranian

Lolina (Inga Copeland) @ Echoes, Aug 17

17 August 2016

Inga Copeland‘s latest project called Lolina is performing at London’s Echoes on August 17.

Appearing as part of Soundcrash festival and supported by Acolytes, the artist best known for co-founding Hype Williams has carried on solo with several projects, producing alone and in collaboration with artists like Scratcha DVA, John T. Gast, Martyn and Actress.

The Estonian artist, also known as Alina Astrova, released an EP RELAXIN’ with Lolina in February this year, and a follow-up album Live in Paris in July. Continuing to experiment within the context of electronic music, the album builds on her previous lofi and discordant work that can be characterized by a digital and minimalist composition with repetitive voice arrangements.

See the Soundcrash website for details.**