Absolute Bearing

Brace Brace + Jesse Darling @ LD50, Jun 12 – Jul 11

10 June 2015

Jesse Darling and Brace Brace join forces for Absolute Bearing, a new exhibition at London’s LD50, running from June 12 to July 11.

In nautical terms, absolute bearing is the clockwise angle between north and the object observed from the vessel. The nautical references don’t end there: the exhibition’s press release states that “two-thirds of the planet are already under water”, “everything disintegrates in the face of the wave”, and, finally: “The signs were everywhere; the churning of the water, the inevitability of the waves, these are all part of the same body, the same movement, a constant emergence and vanishing in an endless flow of continuous energy, an ongoing mixing and remixing with no separation and no boundaries—absolute liquidity.”

Taking part in the exhibition are London artist Jesse Darling and Brace Brace, the art collaboration between Berlin-based artist Annika Kuhlmann (also part of Special Service) and Christopher Kulendran Thomas

See the FB exhibition page for details. **

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