A. Bill Miller

Language and Code @ Transfer Gallery, Aug 9 – Sep 1

8 August 2014

Transfer Gallery will be hosting Language and Code, a new collaborative exhibition between Daniel Temkin and A. Bill Miller, at their Brooklyn space from August 9 to September 1. 

The works of both artists consistently explore language patterns and the “new semantics [that] emerge in conversation with out post-digital era”, creating alternative aesthetics out of their interactions with both human- and machine-made language systems. 

In his gridCycles series, Miller’s suite of browser-based and printed works, a speculative visual text system is sampled from the series’ narrative field and generated as a holistic environment that contemplates both the individual and the whole, both the system and its parts.

Similarly, in Temkin’s work titled Light Pattern, a programming language that uses photos in place of text for source code, the artist attempts to communicate with the computer machine by producing images according to its specifications, producing “moments of affect which come naturally to human communication, even when actively discouraged”. 

See the Transfer Gallery exhibition page for details. **


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