Yuri Pattison

Every area of our daily life. Hybrid Layers opens at ZKM, Jun 3 – Jan 7

29 May 2017

The Hybrid Layers group exhibition at Karlsruhe’s ZKM opens June 3 and is running to January 7, 2018.

Looking at the intersection of social, technological and aesthetic debate, the show will “reflect on how comprehensively the digital realm influences every area of our daily life, our perception and our production of knowledge” and includes work by Sophia Al MariaAuto Italia South East, Guan Xiao, Katja Novitskova, Yuri Pattison, Tabita Rezaire, and Rachel de Joode among others.

Both physical and virtual, the show will include video, performance, and sculpture, all exploring the way our feelings and actions have been profoundly altered and speculations on what the future will bring. Picking apart the layers of hybridity, the 22 artists included examine how this situation “influences our globally networked world.”

Visit the ZKM website for details.**

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What comes after resistance? Acoustic Mirrors at Diaspore, Mar 29 – Apr 30

28 March 2017

The Acoustic Mirrors group exhibition is on at London’s Diaspore, opening March 29 and running to April 30.

Curated by Lou-Atessa Marcellin and Edward Hill of Friche, the show includes contributions from A—Z, Lucie Beauvert, Chroma Yoga, Friche, Rebecca Glover, Louis Henderson, Edward Hill, Lou-Atessa Marcellin, Tom McCaughan, Inês Neto dos Santos, Yuri Pattison, Rachel Pimm, The Quorum, The Restart Project, RCA School Group, Superlative TV, Chooc Ly Tan, Konstantinos Trichas, Theo Turpin and The Waggle Dancers.

The press release leaves little to be revealed, but includes fragmentary sentences that ask us to piece together and create relations between “generating flows of images no one has the stomach to digest” and “a half asleep flower [who] wakes up in a rage and throws her smartphone at the face of her inquisitor.” Ending in “Resistance is the first move, listening is the strategy, conversation comes next?” we can expect a program dedicated to fostering community and dialogue, and its place within finding answers.

Diaspore is project space commited to ideas of “ecology(ies), ecosystems and their communities” and is led by artists, scientists, chefs and other community groups, and is open to “all who wish to get involved.”

See the Diaspore website for details.**


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Ann Hirsch performs the predicament of marriage, porn + sex positive feminism at PLASTIK Festival, Mar 25

24 March 2017

Ann Hirsch is performing ‘The Rest of My Life (my fantasies, my choice)’ at Dublin’s Temple Bar Gallery + Studios on March 25.

The event is part of Ireland’s PLASTIK Festival of Artists Moving Image, running March 24 to 26, and is run in in collaboration with London’s LUX Moving Image. Other notable events include screenings ‘A Flight From Reason,’ curated by Yuri Pattison, and ‘Vertical Landscapes,’ curated by Sasha Litvintseva.

The LA-based performance and video artist, Hirsch, will be performing the new work which “delves into the predicament of her recent marriage, a growing addiction to pornography, and an endearing bitterness for sex positive feminism.” Hirsch’s practice looks at culture and gender through the lens of technology, and in usually occupying the subject in front of the lens, she deals with “personal issues with emotion, sincerity, and comical levity.”

See the Temple Bar Gallery + Studios website for details.**

Courtesy PLASTIK Festival.
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Manipulation + contradiction in Yuri Pattison’s Citizens of Nowhere at Kevin Space, Mar 10 – Apr 23

8 March 2017

Yuri Pattison is presenting solo exhibition Citizens of Nowhere at Vienna’s Kevin Space, opening March 10 and running to April 23.

Curated by Franziska Sophie Wildförster, the London-based artists’ first solo exhibition with the gallery will explore the organisation of space through the “complex and often contradictory constructions of national and global identities through visual cultures [and] communication technologies.”

The newly commissioned work will be an immersive installation that revolves around a video where sculptural architecture and digital elements will both manipulate and simulate “contemporary political and economic subjectivities.”

See the Kevin Space website for details.**

Yuri Pattison (2016). Event image for Enquire to Annotate Offsite Event. Courtesy the artist + Chisenhale, London. 
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Lock Up International in Tokyo, Sep 26 – Oct 16

28 September 2016

Lock Up International is presenting the next iteration of its nomadic project space in Tokyo, with locations TBA, opening September 26 and running to October 16.

Started by Lewis Teague Wright, the series — which has already appeared in Mexico City, Istanbul, London and Los Angeles — uses storage spaces worldwide as exhibition venues. They usually work as three-weeklong solo show in each location it chooses, with personally guided viewings arranged by appointment. AQNB reviewed a recent exhibition of Nevine Mahmoud’s Three Isolated Effects in LA and Menna Comminetti and Sophie Lee presented Boy, ’12 in London.

The Tokyo series will present work by Yuri Pattison (September 26 – October 2), Martin Kohout (October 3 – 9), and Russell Maurice (October 10 – 16). The first show was initiated by Pattison’s interest in collector marts in the Akihabara and Nakano Broadway stations, small stores in malls that rent out glass lockers.

The project continues to act as a way to bypass the gallery, art dealer, and collector, opting to go directly to the object’s end point, stored safely and hidden from view.

See the Lock Up International website for more details.**

Nevine Mahmoud, Three Isolated Effects (2016). Installation view. Courtesy Lock Up International.
Nevine Mahmoud, Three Isolated Effects (2016). Installation view. Courtesy Lock Up International.
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Yuri Pattison @ Chisenhale Gallery, Jul 15

13 July 2016

Chisenhale Gallery is presenting an early morning viewing of Yuri Pattison’s exhibition user, space with an introduction by Tommie Introna, Offsite and Education Assistant at the gallery on July 15.

The London-based artist’s solo exhibition runs from July 7 to August 28, occupies the entire gallery and is a major new commission resulting from Pattison’s 18-month residency at Chisenhale Gallery, produced in partnership with Create.

An immersive installation comprised of digital and sculptural elements creates a “speculative live/work environment” that draws influence from “Modernist architecture and science fiction”, the show is an imagined vision of a “utopian space of fantastic social and political potential”.

Nora N. Khan, a contributing Editor at Rhizome, has been commissioned to write ‘Commons‘, a fictional text in response to Pattison’s new work.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Yuri Pattison @ Chisenhale

Yuri Pattison, user, space (2016). Exhibition view. Courtesy Chisenhale Gallery, London.

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As Rights Go By… @ freiraum Q21, Apr 13 – Jun 5

12 April 2016

The As Rights Go By – On the Erosion and Denial of Rights group show is on at Vienna’s freiraum quartier21 space in the MuseumsQuartier, opening April 13 and running to June 5.

Organised by curator Sabine Winkler and featuring the likes of Yuri Pattison, James Bridle and Nikita Kadan, the artworks in the large exhibition explore the impact of globalisation, financialisation, and mass surveillance on civil rights and human rights, as well as the social and judicial inequality they entail.

The issue of the distribution of rights is also topical now in an art context, the press release notes, and in this respect the show, which is held in on the ground floor of a building that gathers ‘creatives’ and people working in the cultural industry, will extend its exploration of social or societal asymmetries inside aesthetics and what is visible of the conditions of an individual’s art production.

Other works featured in As Rights Go By will be a board game version of everyday reality in crisis-ridden Greece by Lina Theodorou, a legal contract written backwards by Carey Young and works by George Drivas, Silvia Beck, Özlem Günyol/Mustafa Kunt, Kollektiv Migrafona (Belinda Kazeem, Petja Dimitrova, Radostina Patulova, Vlatka Frketić, Vina Yun), Vladimir Miladinović, Lorenzo Pezzani und Charles Heller (Forensic Architecture), Julien Prévieux, Andrea Ressi, and Judith Siegmund.

See the freiraum quartier21 for more details.**

Yuri Pattison, 'Chelyabinsk eBay Extrusion'. Photo by Andy Crouch. Image courtesy the artist.
Yuri Pattison, ‘Chelyabinsk eBay Extrusion’ (2013). Courtesy the artist.
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Abjects @ Import Projects (2015) exhibition photos

4 March 2016

Abjects, a group exhibition at Berlin’s Import Projects, curated by Franziska Sophie Wildförster, brought together artists’ Eloïse Bonneviot, Emily JonesPaul KnealeYuri Pattison and Andrew Norman Wilson, which ran from September 19 to October 25, 2015. Julia Kristeva’s theory of the abject is summarised in the press release, acting as a foundation from which the works depart and expand on a contemporary experience of the vulnerable body. Shifting from a focus of disgust and revulsion at the raw corporeal materiality, the exhibition finds disturbance within the disparity between a disembodied, infinite connectedness of the immaterial and the opaque constraints produced by the digital economy. The works reflect on the hidden pathways that lurk under, above and in between a contemporary experience mediated within the age of technology and information.

The installation is clean and institutionalised. Pattison presents us with a makeshift desk made of steel shelving titled ‘productivity table’. Six Modafinil tablets (used for combatting fatigue and distraction) are laid out beside a Google prototype computer. The exposed aesthetic extends into ‘dust, scraper, fan .1-5′; a set of five rectangular acrylic boxes placed on the wall and floor of the gallery. Jones’ ‘The Draining of the Mesopotamian Marshes of Iraq’ combines a picketing aesthetic with factual and instructional language within three separate sculptural assemblages. Sitting between a cenotaph and a memorial, a yellow sign that reads, “They were shouting and singing at the top of their lungs” is held up by bits of wood clumsily nailed together. Beside that lies another yellow sign quietly placed on the floor that announces, “The use of force may be necessary to protect life.”

Abjects (2015) Exhibition view. Courtesy Import Projects.
Abjects (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy Import Projects, Berlin.

Framed between the signs in the first room, Bonneviot’s tent sits in the doorway of the second. Titled ‘Thinking Like A Mountain—Limited’ the installation fills the small personal space with camping gear, energy bar wrappers, notes of paper and a laptop playing a video game. The recreation is unclear but the aesthetics combine the act of trekking, whether in camping, protesting or the passing of time in a ‘gaming hole’.

Also strongly focusing on material and its residue, Wilson’s ‘Global Mosquito City Proposal’ uses the hardware of a computer to create a sci-fi housing scenario. Two dolls are propped on top of each other in a sexual act. Computer parts, concrete, resin, oil paint, pepper, plastic, acrylic paint, foam and cotton are forced together into an abrasive dollhouse. Beside it, a proposition to Bill and Melinda Gates asks for a contribution of “their blood to malaria mosquito larvae that could potentially be nurtured in this computer-habitat to erase all human beings around the world.”

Outside the window, a bag of water hangs delicately. Titled ‘Insect Repellant’ it encases hydrochloric acid, liquified coins, and copper. In contrast to the sic-fi machine invested manifesto, Kneale’s ‘Aphasia Tags and Performative Empathy’ presents abstract images; the content barely recognisable. Light and hopeful, the images are layers of time made by using the ‘scan’ function of a printer, leaving the lid open. The mechanics replace the intent, and the painterly result is naturalistic in its use of space, daylight and floating particles.**

Exhibition photos, top right.

The Abjects group exhibition was on at Berlin’s Import Projects, running September 19 to October 24, 2016.

Header image: Abjects (2015) Exhibition view. Courtesy Import Projects, Berlin.

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Piotr Łakomy @ Lock Up International, Feb 29 – March 6

29 February 2016

Lock Up International will host a solo show by Piotr Łakomy in Mexico City opening February 29 and running March 6. 

There is little information given around the coming show, Untitled_Map 2011, but Łakomy’s work, which takes recognisable items and objects and makes them somehow into brief memorials, may seem to fit perfectly within Lock Up International’s transient set up. The project, set up by artist Lewis Teague Wright opens shows around the world, occupying different storage units for short periods of time.

Meanwhile, there will also be group show Safety Box Deposit in Frankfurt, opening March 4 and running to March 11. The show is co-curated by Lock Up and Celena Ohmer and it is inside a bank vault, with each artist making something to be unlocked.

Artists for Safety Box Deposit include Bruno Zhu, Emily Jones, Yuri Pattison and Sydney Shen.

See Lock Up International‘s exhibitions page for (limited) details**

Safety Deposit Box, event image (2016). Courtesy Lock Up International.
Safety Deposit Box, event image (2016). Courtesy Lock Up International.


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Grand Orpheus Highway @ La Plage, Dec 4 – Jan 11

4 December 2015

The Grand Orpheus Highway group exhibition is on at Paris’s La Plage, opening December 4 and running to January 11, 2016.

Following its inaugural show with Berlin-based artist Ilja Karilampi’s Truss Mi Daddy, the new space will feature work by London-based artists Iain Ball and Yuri Pattison, along with LA’s Parker Ito.

There is little information on the theme of the exhibition save for a short bit of poetry referencing Greek mythology’s tragic god-couple Orpheus and Eurydice, physical highways and information networks as a space of transition and a potential analogy for lost hope:

“It is night. Orpheus glances back and crosses Eurydice’s gaze
Intersecting between Grand and Orpheus, the highway
a place of transition
where some things change
others remain the same
at this speed, systems of information and structures of power are unveiled
Who is looking?
I don’t know
I don’t care

Looking back
The highway’s in ruins”

See the La Plage website for (limited) details.**

Parker Ito, Parker Cheeto’s Infinite Haunted Hobo Playlist (A Dream for Some, a Nightmare for others) exhibition view. Courtesy Smart Objects.
Parker Ito, Parker Cheeto’s Infinite Haunted Hobo Playlist (A Dream for Some, a Nightmare for others). Exhibition view. Courtesy Smart Objects, Los Angeles.

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Publishing as Process @ Goethe Institut, Nov 18

18 November 2015

Goethe Institut launches the second part of their collaborative mini-series with Banner Repeater, titled Publishing as Process and taking place at the London location on November 18 .

The series concentrates on exhibition and publishing in the digital age with a programme of readings and panel discussions addressing how the two fields are effected by the “digitalisation and the distribution channels the internet provides”, including Ché Zara BlomfieldAlessandro LudovicoYuri Pattison, and Ami Clarke from Banner Repeater as a moderator.

Whereas the series’ first event, Institutionalising the Digital, featured a take-over of the Goethe-Institut’s website, Publishing as Process will materialize as a publication for Banner Repeater’s UN-PUBLISH series.

See the event page for details.**

Yuri Pattison, 'Chelyabinsk eBay Extrusion'. Photo by Andy Crouch. Image courtesy the artist.
Yuri Pattison, ‘Chelyabinsk eBay Extrusion’. Photo by Andy Crouch. Image courtesy the artist.

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Abjects finissage @ Import Projects, Oct 24

23 October 2015

The Abjects group show, curated by Franziska Sophie Wildförster is closing with an event at Berlin’s Import Projects on October 24.

Running since September 18 and featuring work by Eloise BonneviotEmily JonesPaul KnealeYuri Pattison, and Andrew Norman Wilson, the exhibition explores how the word ‘abjection’ applies to specific circumstances and “poses the emergence of a new kind of abject lurking underneath contemporary experiences mediated by technology”.

The closing event will include a conversation between media theorist Paul Feigelfeld, artist and writer Boaz Levin and curator Wildförster.

See Import Projects website for details.**

Abjects (2015). Exhibition view. Photo by Ben Busch. Courtesy Import Projects, Berlin.
Abjects (2015) exhibition view. Photo by Ben Busch. Courtesy Import Projects, Berlin.
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Abjects @ Import Projects, Sep 18 – Oct 24

17 September 2015

Import Projects brings in a new group show titled Abjects, running at their Berlin space, opening September 18 and running to October 24.

The group exhibition, curated by Franziska Sophie Wildförster, brings together the works of five different artists: Eloïse BonneviotEmily JonesPaul KnealeYuri Pattison and Andrew Norman Wilson.

Inspired by Julia Kristeva’s 1980 essay “Powers of the Horrors: An essay on Abjection”, the show explores her notion of the abject and its “psychic origins and mechanisms of revulsion and disgust” emerging out of a confrontation with death, with violence, with vulnerability of decay. 

See the exhibition page for details. **

Emily Jones, The Hudson River (2014) @ Lima Zulu. Courtesy the artist.
Emily Jones, The Hudson River (2014) @ Lima Zulu. Courtesy the artist.
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Send Cycle + Monopole Memory @ Neumeister Bar-Am, Sep 16 – Nov 7

16 September 2015

A collaborative exhibition, Send Cycle, by artists Aaron Graham and Bryan Morello is taking place at Berlin’s Neumeister Bar-Am, accompanied by Cecile B. Evans and Yuri Pattison‘s Monopole Memory installation, opening September 16 and running to November 7.

Featuring artists based across the timezones of New York, LA and London, both presentations take time and space as key themes. Send Cycle is an “urgent combination of the high and low tech” in its combined staged photography and found images (or, perhaps, objects) taken from the internet. The Monopole Memory installation explores memory as its own place, that in turn is physically realised in the Der Würfel eighty-centimetre cubed project space.

See the Neumeister Bar-Am website for details.**

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Yuri Pattison @ Chisenhale Gallery, Aug 13

12 August 2015

London’s Chisenhale Gallery is hosting a “crypto-party”-inspired workshop led by artist Yuri Pattison this Thursday, August 13.

The workshop is Pattison’s response to the “growing anxiety surrounding surveillance, mass communication, big data and information overload”, a kind of lesson in everything from the evasion of online monitoring systems and improvement of our online security to how to relax amidst it all.

The artist hosts the workshop as part of his 18-month residency at Chisenhale Gallery Create Residency, titled Enquire to Annotate and comprised of a new website, sculpture works, and a series of events marking the midpoint of Pattison’s commission.

See the FB event page for details. **


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Olivia Erlanger + Morphing Overnight @ Seventeen, Feb 26 – Apr 18

26 February 2015

Seventeen Gallery will be hosting two concurrent exhibitions – a solo show by Olivia Erlanger and a group show titled Morphing Overnight – at their London space, both running from February 26 to April 18.

Erlanger’s solo show, titled Meat Eater, begins with a transcript between a TL and an MH. “How should it begin?” asks TL. “It should begin with ‘do you remember’,” answers MH. From there, the two characters meander through what could be an art space, discussing symbolism and subjectivity, the “architecture for a history”, ending full circle with “I don’t remember.”

The Morphing Overnight group show – which invites six artists, comprised of Julieta ArandaDora Budor, Debora Delmar Corp.Yuri Pattison, Josh Harris and AIRBNB Pavilion with Emanuel Röhss – is curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini.

The opening on February 26 will be followed by an afterparty by AIRBNB Pavilion and  Life Gallery and hosted by [ space ] called Poppers in Dalston.

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