Schinkel Pavillon

Britta Thie @ Schinkel Pavillon, Dec 10 – 12

10 December 2015

Britta Thie is holding a three day screening event of her Transatlantics web series at Berlin’s Schinkel Pavillon from December 10 to 12.

As part of a collaborative project launched at Frankfurt’s Schirn Kunsthalle in April 2015, the documentary format “digital chamber play embedded into the network” screened six episodes, once a month throughout the year, and will finally be viewable in full at the Berlin Pavilion. 

The series features Thie and a number of her art world peers as she tells the story of how “a young German woman and her best friends… navigate life in the Eurozone”, seen through the lens of Berlin’s “transnational culture” from its past to the future: “Product, lifestyle, Potsdamer Platz. Every throwback is a throw-forward.”

See the Schinkel Pavilion website for details.**

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ALPINA HUUS… (2015) event photos

7 August 2015

Using the distinctive DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) architecture of Berlin’s Schinkel Pavillon as a setting, ALPINA HUUS. House of Deep Transformation in 11 Acts, which happened on March 28 2015, was described by its press release “as a subtle act of utopian resistance”.

It was a series of performances “articulated around communal practice within domestic environments” and curated by Elise Lammer and Denis Pernet, a one day event that included a number of artists – including Pauline Beaudemont, Donatella Bernardi, Maud Constantin; Dawn Mok, Gilles Furtwängler, John Monteith and more – invited to intervene in the venue on Museum Island.

'ALPINA HUUS.' (2015). Installation view. Schinkel Pavilion, Berlin.
ALPINA HUUS. (2015). Installation view. Schinkel Pavilion, Berlin.

Originally built in 1969, the Schinkel’s floor-to-ceiling windows were covered with origami-like paper cutouts, by artists, in the octagon-shaped hall obscuring the panoramic view of the historic centre. The building’s unique characteristics, ideal for interventional performance and installation, accentuated the event, making the large rock-like interactive sculptural landscape occupying the centre more dynamic.

The performances were continuous experiments, the subjects of the experiments were the audience. Ranging from music to storytelling, the nature of the performances blurred the lines between theater and life, inviting audience members to participate while creating an undetectable spectacle. At ALPINA HUUS the guest is never really quite sure what is and isn’t part of the program.**

Exhibition photos, top right.

ALIPINA HUUS. was on at Berlin’s Schinkel Pavilion on March 28, 2015.

Header image: ALPINA HUUS. (2015). Performance. Schinkel Pavilion, Berlin.

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