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What comes after resistance? Acoustic Mirrors at Diaspore, Mar 29 – Apr 30

28 March 2017

The Acoustic Mirrors group exhibition is on at London’s Diaspore, opening March 29 and running to April 30.

Curated by Lou-Atessa Marcellin and Edward Hill of Friche, the show includes contributions from A—Z, Lucie Beauvert, Chroma Yoga, Friche, Rebecca Glover, Louis Henderson, Edward Hill, Lou-Atessa Marcellin, Tom McCaughan, Inês Neto dos Santos, Yuri Pattison, Rachel Pimm, The Quorum, The Restart Project, RCA School Group, Superlative TV, Chooc Ly Tan, Konstantinos Trichas, Theo Turpin and The Waggle Dancers.

The press release leaves little to be revealed, but includes fragmentary sentences that ask us to piece together and create relations between “generating flows of images no one has the stomach to digest” and “a half asleep flower [who] wakes up in a rage and throws her smartphone at the face of her inquisitor.” Ending in “Resistance is the first move, listening is the strategy, conversation comes next?” we can expect a program dedicated to fostering community and dialogue, and its place within finding answers.

Diaspore is project space commited to ideas of “ecology(ies), ecosystems and their communities” and is led by artists, scientists, chefs and other community groups, and is open to “all who wish to get involved.”

See the Diaspore website for details.**


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Frieze 2016 offsite + fringe events

3 October 2016

Frieze 2016 is on this week in London, opening October 6 and running to October 9. The event draws an international community of artist and exhibitors to its location in the centre of the city, but is also host to an exciting and diverse range of events offsite and on the fringe, including Miracle Marathon at Serpentine Galleries, Sunday Art Fair at Ambika P3, 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair at Somerset House and more.

See below for our offsite and fringe recommendations, and here for the main event:


The ICA will be hosting a week of dance, performance, discussions and screenings, from October 3 to 8, with an accompanying program of DJs and other music guests including two after parties in collaboration with Berlin-based label PAN, one hosted by Bala Club on October 4, and another hosted by PAN on October 5. Artist Christopher Kulendran Thomas will be in conversation with professor Suhail Malik and writer Tirdad Zolghadr to speak about ‘Art Post Capitalism’ on the evening of October 6.

Lisa Radon will also launch her new book Wholeness Engine at Jupiter Woods, October 8.

An evening of performances at DRAF featuring Mary Hurrell, Goshka Macuga, Roman Ondak, Amalia Ulman, Mark Wallinger and a DJ set by Olof Dreijer (The Knife), October 6

Miracle Marathon at Serpentine Galleries, October 8 and 9

Sunday Art Fair, October 6 to 9

Frieze Art and Architecture Conference, October 4

Dream Fair London 2016: twelve participating galleries will host digital work by artists online, accessible to all with a computer or mobile. The site opens on October 4.

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair at Somerset House, October 6 to 9.

Donna Huanca performance at Zabludowicz Collection, October 7.

Pompe – a dionysian canal procession ending at St. Mary Magdalene Church, October 7

A glass is empty of everything but simple passage @ Seventeen gallery, readings by David Raymond Conroy, Caspar Heinemann and Rebecca Jagoe – Oct 8


Ash Ferlito @ White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, Oct 6 – Oct 31

END-USER @ The RYDER Projects, Oct 6 – Nov 12

I, Cyborg @ Gazelli Art House, Oct 6- Nov 12

Tala Madani @ Pilar Corrias Gallery, Oct 4 – Nov 11

Metahaven @ Auto Italia, Oct 4 – Oct 30

Lanzarote @ Union Pacific, Oct 2 – Nov 5


Gina Folly @ Almanac, Oct 1 – Nov 5

Amalia Ulman @ Arcadia Missa, Sep 30 – Nov 5

Candice Lin @ Gasworks, Sep 21 – Dec 11

Mike Kelley @ Hauser & Wirth, Sep 23 – Nov 19

Aude Pariset @ Cell Project Space, Sep 22 – Nov 6

George Henry Longly @ Studio Leigh, Sep 22- Oct 29

Darja Bajagić @ Carlos/Ishikawa, Sep 21 – Oct 29

Joseph Buckley @ Public Exhibitions, Sep 29 – Oct 12

Augustas Serapinas @ Emalin, Sep 27 – Oct 29

Georgie Nettell @ Project Native Informant, Sep 28 – Oct 29

Moist Heat @ The White Building, Sep 29 – Oct 15

Lonesome Wife @ Seventeen, Sep 29 – Nov 5

Piotr Łakomy @ The Sunday Painter, Sep 30 – Nov 5

Streams of Warm Impermanence @ DRAF, Sep 15- Dec 10

Chooc Ly Tan @ StudioRCA Riverlight, Sep 14 – Nov 1

Josh Bitelli @ UNION Gallery, Sep 17 – Oct 22

Eva Fàbregas and Rachel Pimm @ Enclave Lab, Sep 29 – Oct 28

Andrew Gillespie, Andrew Lacon + Joanne Masding  @ IMT Gallery
, Sep 2 – Oct 16

Andy Holden + Steve Roggenbuck @ Rowing, Sept 2- Nov 5

Ivana Basic @ Annka Kultys Gallery, Sep 7 – Oct 8.**


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All the Revolving Cells @ Tenderpixel (2015) exhibition photos

26 April 2016
All the Revolving Cells, an exhibition at London’s Tenderpixel which ran from November 5 to 28, 2015, featured works by Pedro Barateiro, Rometti Costales and Rachel Pimm. With a strong focus on process, the works reflect on the evolving relationship between natural and social entities and the potential for a conversation between both self organising phenomena.
Pedro Barateiro, 'The Current Situation' (2014) Install view. Photo by Original&theCopy. Courtesy the artist and Tenderpixel, London.
Pedro Barateiro, ‘The Current Situation’ (2014) Install view. Photo by Original&theCopy. Courtesy the artist and Tenderpixel, London.

Barateiro’s work looks at narration and ideology and for All The Revolving Cells is presented in the form of a photographic print, ‘Fulfillment Centre’, an HD video played on a monitor and a vinyl print pasted on the wall above —the latter both titled ‘The Current Situation’ (2015). Looking at the interaction between man-made materials and natural elements, Pimm’s ‘Hoarding 2’ (2015) is made with a billboard banner, foam and printed textile that bleeds from the wall and onto the floor. Headphones rest on the foam, an invitation to sit and watch the two channel HD video ‘FYE-Kuss e-LASS-tick-uh (2014). Scanned images from books are placed on tables under glass by artist duo Rometti Costales creating a museum-like display that explores nature as a socio-political arena.

The show seeks to investigate the internal as a force creating change in the structure of organisms through the overlap of nature and society, and is placed in the context of ideas of energy flow and the exchange of matter that Manuel De Landa‘s book ‘A Thousand Years of Non-Linear History’ conjures. The press release expands on the way human society can be viewed as a material in the same way that a “given chemical compound (i.e. water) may exist in several distinct states (solid, liquid, or gas) and may move from one stable state to another at critical points as a result of the intensity of temperature (phase transitions)”.**

Exhibition photos, top right.

The All the Revolving Cells group show was on at London’s Tenderpixel, running November 5 to 28, 2015.

Header image: Rachel Pimm (2015) Exhibition view. Photo by Original&theCopy. Courtesy the artist and Tenderpixel, London.

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MONO @ The Courtyard, Oct 28

28 October 2015

For the autumn edition of MONO, the artist moving image initiative is taking over Hoxton’s The Courtyard theatre on October 28.

The initiative, organized by artist Rafal Zajko, features fourteen artists, each of which contributes a moving image piece up to five minutes long, the greater aim being to show the breadth of contemporary video practices. Among the fourteen artists filling out the lineup is Rachel PimmVincent CeraudoTilly Shiner, Demelza Watts, and Lidija Kononenko.

The MONO event opens its doors at 7pm with the video screenings starting at 7:30pm. London- and Seoul-based artist Nayu Kim will be performing, and the evening also features a live music performance by ZOEE.

See the Facebook event page for details. **

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Rachel Pimm + Lori E Allen @ Chisenhale Gallery, Aug 20

19 August 2015

Artist Rachel Pimm joins archaeological sound designer Lori E Allen for a presentation titled Worming out of shit at London’s Chisenhale Gallery on August 20.

Using performance and sound, the presentation explores “Pimm’s research into the roles of soil strata and landfill in the composition of the earth’s surface”, examining the instability that occurs when man-made materials combine with organic ones.

For the presentation, Zimbabwe-born and London- and New Delhi-based Pimm—who is one of the co-founders of the artist-run project Auto Italia South East —joins Allen in creating a unique audio landscape.

See the event page for details. **

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An Evening… @ Goethe-Institut London, Mar 19

18 March 2015

Inspired by recent exhibitions at Serpentine Galleries, the Goethe-Institut in London is putting on a study evening titled An Evening on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on March 19.

Organised by curators Lucia Pietroiusti and Rebecca Lewin, it brings together a collection of writers, artists, filmmakers, and researchers to explore “global infrastructure” and the mobility and movement of people, of things, and of information across international terrain.

Amongst the participants are anthropological researcher Alice Elliot and international law researcher as well as a lecture and performance by artist Rachel Pimm. There’ll be a conversation with architect and writer Keller Easterling and writer and curator Ben Vickers, as well as a screening of artist Lance Wakeling‘s 2011 film, A Tour of the AC-1 Transatlantic Submarine Cable.

See the event page for details. **

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‘Recent Work by Artists’ @ Auto Italia

31 July 2013

Launched on July 26, Auto Italia‘s Recent Work by Artists is a collaborative project investigating the modern artist’s working space. Running until September 28, the exhibition features “installation, image production, office design, events and a catalogue” from  Tim Ivison, Julia Tcharfas, George Moustakas and Rachel Pimm.

They explore working conditions that are always shifting, between the library and the studio, the geography and distractions that doubtless have a direct impact on their output. That’s no more apparent than in an exhibition with its concept founded in these creative processes, which in turn reflects the convergence of distinctions between production, consumption, economy and design, potentially rendering them meaningless. In turn, Auto Italia places itself right at that intersection by blurring the line between art practice and home renovation by landscaping a production space in the Auto Italia site, while hosting events and discussion within it, along with ongoing research “supplemented by refreshments and environmental control selected for productivity”. Clever.

See the Auto Italia website for more details. **

Auto Italia

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