Neue Alte Brücke

The first Okey Dokey local + international gallery share runs in Cologne and Düsseldorf, Sep 8 – 30

8 September 2017

The Okey Dokey joint exhibition project of galleries and spaces is on in Cologne and Düsseldorf, opening September 8 and running to September 30.

Similar to the CONDO collaborative project (founded in London in 2016 by Vanessa Carlos of Carlos/Ishikawa and debuting in New York this year) which sees spaces host artists from an international counterpart, the citywide event presents collectively-curated group shows developed in cooperation with their guests.

This German iteration is organised by emerging spaces Jan Kaps, Ginerva Gambino and Max Mayer, with the aim of encouraging supportive relationships between local and international galleries, and includes Berlin’s Sandy Brown, Geneva’s Truth and Consequences, and London’s Arcadia Missa; Basel’s Weiss Falk, Los Angeles’ Park View, and Mexico City’s Lulu; Neue Alte Brücke, Galerie 1900-2000 and more. 

See the Okey Dokey website for the full program.**

X is Y (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy Sandy Brown, Berlin.
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Some picks for the London-wide CONDO collaborative exhibition, Jan 14 – Feb 11

13 January 2017

The second CONDO “collaborative exhibition” is on across venues in London, opening with previews the weekend of January 14 and 15, and running to February 11. 

Featuring 36 galleries (to last year’s already impressive 32), the annual initiative — starting in 2016 and led by Carlos/Ishikawa’s director Vanessa Carlos — aims to highlight the need for mutual support in order to survive and succeed in the contemporary art ecosystem. In doing so, several London spaces will host solo presentations by international galleries.

The list runs with a number of emerging, independent and institutional names, so here’s list of artist and exhibition recommendations from us in the meantime:

– Jan Kiefer at Union Pacific 

Galerie Gregor Steiger with Shana Moulton, hosted by Emalin 

– Bridget Donahue with Martine Syms, hosted by Sadie Coles

Neue Alte Brücke with Eric Schmid, hosted by Vilma Gold  

Than Hussein Clark with VI, VII, hosted by Arcadia Missa

Seventeen NYC + Stereo, hosted by The Sunday Painter

Kris Lemsalu with Koppe Astner, hosted by Southard Reid

Yuri Pattison with Mother’s Tankstation + Lulou Margarine with Queer Thoughts, hosted by Project Native Informant

See the CONDO website for details.**

Shana Moulton, ‘SPF 2012’ (2013). Video still. Courtesy the artist.
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The Armoury Show 2015 + Independent NY, Mar 5 – 8

5 March 2015

This weekend brings two huge international art fairs to New York City: The Armoury Show 2015 and the Independent NY, both running from March 5 to 8.

The Armory Show contemporary and modern art fair takes over Piers 92 and 94 every March in central Manhattan, and this year brings a few different selections for the fair. On Pier 92, one can find the modern selection with galleries like Whitestone and Moeller Fine Art. On Pier 94, one can find the contemporary selection, with exhibitors like Galerie Valentin, The Breeder, P.P.O.W and OHWOW, as well as the Focus selection titled Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean (MENAM) with EOA.Projects, the Armoury presents selection with C L E A R I N G among others, and the not-for-profit exhibitors like Glasgow International  and Whitechapel.

Meanwhile, Independent NY is taking over its fair share of NYC, with over 50 international galleries and non-profits representing fourteen diffferent countries. Some of the exhibitors overlap with The Armoury Show, like C L E A R I N G and Real Fine Arts, and others include Berlin galleries SociétéCroy NielsenTanya Leighton, Neue Alte Brücke and Galerie NEU, as well as Mexico City’s House of Gaga and artists like Jeanette Mundt and Timur Si-Qin.

See the individual art fairs for details. **


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