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Cybele Lyle @ Minnesota Street Project, Aug 27 – Sep 24

26 August 2016

Cybele Lyle is presenting  solo exhibition bring me here, now take me away at San Francisco’s Minnesota Street Project, opening August 27 and running to September 24.

The press for the show opens with a statement from the SF-based artist announcing the work on show is a “domestic installation of sorts” built during her time in the headlands following the end of a twelve-year relationship and developed around the idea of reforming identity:

“…I’m interested in a flattening of multiple spaces, marks and times into a single plane. I want the big ideas to evaporate in this space into objects and moments and bits and pieces…”

Organised as part of the Et al. etc programme, in which San Francisco’s Et al. runs an exhibition concurrently with that of a guest gallery, 100% Gallery will also present the Mall Rats group show —featuring Maria Guzmán Capron, Kari Cholnoky, Ben Quinn and Jennifer Sullivan —in the MSP space.

See the Minnesota Street Project website for details.**

Cybele Lyle, 'Adventures In Solitude - 6' (2016). Installation view. Photo by Andria Lo. Courtesy the artist..
Cybele Lyle, ‘Adventures In Solitude – 6’ (2016). Installation view. Photo by Andria Lo. Courtesy the artist.
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Wrath Pin Face Binned @ Minnesota Street Project, Jun 4 – Jul 2

4 June 2016

The Wrath Pin Face Binned group exhibition is on at San Francisco’s Minnesota Street Project, opening June 4 and running to July 2.

The event hosted by Et Al. comes as part of an expanded programme presenting two concurrent exhibitions, one organised by the Californian space and curatorial project called Den and one by a guest gallery. This time Baltimore’s Springsteen is featuring, with artists Nate Boyce, Brendan Fowler, Andrea Longacre-White, Flannery Silva, Marisa Takal and Erika Ceruzzi, who has a solo exhibition, Laundered Fang, running at the Maryland gallery until June 11.

There’s little information on the themes and materials of Wrath Pin Face Binned itself but the aim of the series as a whole is described as one that plays with “incidental contact and surprising context along with Et al.’s longtime interest in hospitality.”

See the FB event page for details.**

Erika Ceruzzi, Laundered Fang (2016). Exhibition view. Springsteen, Baltimore.
Erika Ceruzzi, Laundered Fang (2016). Exhibition view. Springsteen, Baltimore.
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Keith J. Varadi @ Et al., May 20 – Jun 25

20 May 2016

Keith J. Varadi is presenting solo exhibition Miso Soup for the Silicon Soul at San Francisco’s Et al., opening May 20 and running to June 25.

The press announcement comes accompanied by a droll text that points to the violence of the mundane, analogous to grim conversations around water coolers and Google searches on how to avoid loneliness leading to career prospects: “Any word can start a war”.

The LA-based artist works with painting, installation and photography but it’s his use of writing as part of his practice that distinguishes Varadi’s work. He’s read at Amsterdam’s San Serriffe, presented an exhibition called Nu Haiku at LA’s Smart Objects, and more recently shown Self-Evident Loss at Toronto’s Cooper Cole.

The following night, Varadi will also be taking part in a 1275 Galleries Present reading —an event introduced on the site with the same text as Miso Soup for the Silicon Soul —at Minnesota Street Project with Anne McGuire and Ian Dolton-Thornton on May 21.

See the FB event page for details.**

Keith J. Varadi, Nu Haiku (2014). Exhibition view. Courtesy Smart Objects, Los Angeles.
Keith J. Varadi, Nu Haiku (2014). Exhibition view. Courtesy Smart Objects, Los Angeles.
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Alex Ito + Greg Ito, The Order of Shadowboxing (2015) exhibition photos

9 March 2016

The Order of Shadowboxing, a two-person exhibition by Alex Ito and Greg Ito that ran at San Francisco’s at Et Al. from September 25 to October 31, 2015, looks at intimacy and romance through an installation of painting, digital prints, sculpture and three-dimensional maquettes.

Shadowboxing is a method used in sports training to spar against an imaginary opponent. The player creates a tangible scenario out of an invisible energy conjured up in their mind and a two person relationship forms in one body. The push and pull associated with the title sets the tone of the exhibition; the reference becomes an omnipotent presence that hangs over the conversation between the two artists.

Alex Ito + Greg Ito, The Order of Shadowboxing (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy Et al., San Francisco.
Alex Ito + Greg Ito, The Order of Shadowboxing (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy Et al., San Francisco.

Spread across the entire floor, the red and yellow paint creates the shape of a yin and yang symbol. The room is sparse and subdued, an aesthetic similar to a controlled corporate environment. Alex Ito’s print series ‘Not to be Reproduced’, homogenizes individual figures, forming one identity among them.

The 3D model made of plastic and foam placed on a yellow plinth and titled ‘Proposal (Future 1)’ is an empty plea of half-assed investment. Similar in restraint, Greg Ito’s paintings and sculpture lack the virility of emotion. Arranged token visuals of love display a hollow definition of romance. Plucked from a widely distributed and universally ‘agreed’ upon language, the messy chaos of intimacy is compressed into a coherent and singular narrative.**

Exhibition photos, top right.

Alex Ito + Greg Ito’s The Order of Shadowboxing was on at San Francisco’s Et al., running from September 25 to October 31, 2016.

Header image: Alex Ito + Greg Ito, The Order of Shadowboxing (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy Et al., San Francisco.

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Alex Ito + Greg Ito @ Et Al, Sep 25 – Oct 31

25 September 2015

Alex Ito and Greg Ito are presenting joint exhibition The Order of Shadowboxing at San Francisco’s Et Al., opening September 25 and running to October 31.

Based in New York and Los Angeles respectively, the two artists will explore Descarte’s idea of “I think therefore I am” in the context of a perceived ‘inertia’ in oppositional forces dictating politics and the “phantom will”.

Working within their own distinct disciplines -whether it’s Alex Ito’s digitally printed portraits and a three-dimensional maquette or Greg Ito’s paintings and sculpture -each artist’s interests intersect at a preoccupation with intimacy at its core, either a corporately homogenised concept of one, or the “seduction of the romantic narrative”.

See the Et Al page for details.**

Alex Ito and Greg Ito, The Order of Shadowboxing (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artists and Et. Al, San Francisco.
Alex Ito and Greg Ito, The Order of Shadowboxing (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artists and Et. Al, San Francisco.
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Leslie Kulesh @ Et Al, Apr 3 – 18

2 April 2015

San Francisco’s Et Al gallery space is bringing in artist Leslie Kulesh for a solo exhibition titled It’s What’s Inside That Counts, running from April 3 to April 18.

The sculptural and performance artist – recent exhibitions include current group shows at Supplement, and Generation & Display, as well as Vanity Fair / Demo Mode with Saemunder Thor Helgason and last fall’s solo “Glamourshotz”©®™ exhibition at Lima Zulu – has created a series of stuffed fabric works featuring minerals vital to our everyday life.

Each wall piece contains a tin oxide used in smart phones, one crystal of Cassiterite, and several rare earth magnets, combining to change the “electromagnetic charge of the gallery space”. The title refers to the dizzying fact that these widespread tech items, full of toxic minerals, actually come from the earth itself, and that crystals coming from the same place are then used by the new age community to “self-heal”.

The exhibition is accompanied by an artist talk with Kulesh on April 12. See the exhibition page for details. **

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Events + exhibitions, Mar 30 – Apr 5

30 March 2015

Bent Fest is on in the week starting March 30, at London’s Power Lunches with bands including Trash Kit, The Dykeness and hate fuck. Other events include Paul Kneale‘s Bad Vibrations that expands on  ideas touched on his New Abject online essay on JK_NET is closing its residency at Project/Number in an event contemplating the recent eclipse, and Philipp Timischl and Sarah Ortmeyer are presenting MEDITATION UNITED at

In Berlin, Mathew Gallery is presenting a performance by Eve Essex at Harlekin next door to the space and Lakuti is among the performers at Südblock’s Boo Hoo event. Elsewhere, Leslie Kulesh is opening It’s What’s Inside That Counts at San Francisco’s Et Al, Camilla Edström Ödemark is showing at Helsinki’s Third Space and Arcadia Missa‘s Rózsa Farkas is doing a Skype lecture at Oberlin’s Storage. Sol Calero and Peles Empire are opening parallel exhibitions at Birsfelden’s SALTS and e-flux is launching the latest in a series of readers with Sternberg Press, The Internet Does not exist with contributions from Alexander Galloway, Karen Archey and Zach Blas.

There’s more so see below:


HOAX #5 launch party @ studio1.1, Mar 30

V&A Digital Futures @ The White Building, Mar 31

Paul Kneale @ Open School East, Mar 31

Jess Wiesner @ Chisenhale Gallery, Mar 31

The Internet Does Not Exist book launch @ e-flux, Mar 31

Bruce McClure + Roberta Crippa @ Apiary Studios, Apr 1

COLD_CUT @ Project/Number, Apr 1 – 5

‘S’ a screening @ Kunstraum, Apr 1

Buenos Tiempos, Int. @ La Loge, Apr 1

World Unknown Easter Special, Apr 2

Privacy @ LIMITACTION, Apr 2

Rózsa Farkas @ Storage, Apr 2

Eve Essex @ Harlekin, Apr 2

Digital Death and the Post-Mortem Self @ DePunt, Apr 3

BIG OPENING @ Riverside, space, Apr 3

Musica_Dispersa_03 @ George Tavern, Apr 4

Bent Fest @ Power Lunches, Apr 4

SECTION 6. 3 @ The Yard, Apr 4

Planes of Flow @ The LivingRoom, Apr 4

BOO HOO @ Südblock, Apr 4


Panos Papadopoulos @ Lucile Avenue, Mar 30 – Apr 5

Business As Usual @ Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Apr 2 -12

Show 1 @ One Thoresby Street, Apr 2 – 18

Camilla Edström Ödemark @ Third Space, Apr 2 – 9

JOHN @ The Sunday Painter, Apr 2 – May 3

Konsta Ojala @ SIC Gallery, Apr 2 – 19

Agatha @ Center, Apr 2 – 23

Club Caligula @ Supplement, Apr 2 – May 2

Marios Athanasiou @ Arebyte, Apr 2 – May 2

Philipp Timischl + Sarah Ortmeyer @, Apr 2 – 10

Juliette Bonneviot @ Autocenter, Apr 3 – 18

Jack Brindley @ Cosmo Carl, Apr 3

Leslie Kulesh @ Et Al, Apr 3 – 18

The Generation Game @ A Thin Place, Apr 4 – May 15

Space Station 51 @ Area 51, Apr 4 – May 4

Peles Empire + Sol Calero @ SALTS, Apr 4 – May 25**

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Camilla Edström Ödemark @ Third Space.

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Material Art Fair 2015, Feb 5 – 8

3 February 2015

Mexico City’s first (and only) contemporary art fair, Material Art Fair, is coming back for its second edition this weekend, running at Auditorio Blackberry from February 5 to 8.

The fair is bringing 40 different international exhibitors exploring emerging arts, as well as a public programme of conferences organized by the New York magazine and non-profit organization Triple Canopy and a video series programmed by South London Gallery Associate Curator Anna Gritz.

The list of participants includes galleries and projects from all over, including: Mexico’s own Parallel Oaxaca (with Last Night) and Lodos gallery (with a Emanuele Marcuccio, Renaud Jerez, Edward Marshall Shenk and Victor Vaughn group show); LA’s Smart Objects and François Ghebaly Gallery; Brooklyn’s American Medium (with an Ann Hirsch, Brenna Murphy, Brian Kokoska, Kareem Lotfy, Morgan Ritter, and Zachary Davis group show) as well as 321 Gallery (with Jake Borndal, Erika Hickle, and Paul Kopkau); Queer Thoughts‘ solo show with David Rappeneau followed by a Puppies Puppies performance; and Paris’s New Galerie group show (with Dora Budor, Nico Colon, and Sean Raspet.

See the Material Art Fair website for details. **


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