Diego Salvador Rios

Diego Salvador Rios @ Lodos Gallery, May 7 – 28

11 May 2016

Mexico City-based artist Diego Salvador Rios will present talk series Relecturas al Colonialismo (‘Rereading Colonialism’) from one of Mexico City’s public libraries Aeromoto every Saturday through May, starting on May 7.

Hosted by Lodos Gallery, discussion will reinterpret assumed understandings and narratives of the histories of colonialism, particularly focussing on Mexico itself, by examining literary documents and original materials that date from the time of exact and first contact between Spanish sailors and Mexico in the early 16th century.

These documents will be read aloud in a group exercise and over the course of the month the piece aims to challenge the way discussions of colonialism have been subsumed into academic discourse. Relecturas al Colonialismo will dissect structures bound up in ‘Creolization’ and ‘malinchismo‘, a form of attraction that the foreign has in the popular imaginary.

Anyone can take part.

See the FB event page for more details.**

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