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Free from the fetters of the institution: a short guide to London’s Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair 2017

6 July 2017

The third edition of ASP (Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair) is on at London’s ICA on July 8.

The event brings together both British and international artist publishers, in an effort to “avoid the restrictions and market dominance that affects much of contemporary arts culture.” Made to be affordable and accessible, the artworks/books are all produced and published by the artists themselves, free from the “fetters of the institution or gallery.”

The event will be host to over 70 artists, including 24 Hours in the Sky53 Beck RoadAmi Clarke and Isaac OlveraPatrick GoddardHannah SawtellEmily PopeArt Against Art , Behind the XDa ThirstRacheal CrowtherSunridge Avenue ProjectsJean-Michel WickerThe Nervemeter and Leon Sadler, among others.

ASP3 Expanded Programme

In the ICA’s Lower Gallery, there will be live-publishing, spoken word, and music, as well as an exhibition:

– Assembling Project will present a compilation of contributions from ASP3 participations, where they will produce, print and publish during the event, which will also be available to purchase.

– Ruth Angel Edwards will be producing an audio accompaniment to Nervemeter with Lord Tusk , as well as organising Music for Self-Publishing Experimental, which includes “music performances, recordings and audio interventions.”

– Nervemeter Magazine will present a temporary exhibition alongside ASP3 featuring Aidee, Minkie and Brandan Quick, as well as readings throughout the day including Little Jay’s Prison Diary, Michael Brady, and Aslan.

Visit the ASP website for details.**

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‘ASP: Artists Self-Publishing’ workshop @ ICA, Nov 26

24 November 2016

The ‘ASP: Artists Self-Publishing’ workshop is on at London’s ICA on November 26.

Organised by Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair (ASP) organisers Dan Mitchell and Sara MacKillop, the event will include a panel and artist presentations open to people interested in self-publishing. Invited speakers include Stuart Bannocks, Da Thirst, Tamsin Clarke & Richard Bevan, and Mark Pawson, who will introduce their work with “a special focus on history, distribution, production and culture, sharing the key elements of a successful selfpublishing practice.”

Mitchell and MacKillop will also present their practices and open the floor to discussion offering practical advice on the process.  

See the FB event page for details.**



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Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair II @ ICA, Sep 10

9 September 2016

Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair II is taking place at London’s ICA on September 10.

Following on from the success of the inaugural Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair in 2015, this year brings over seventy UK and international independent artist self-publishers for the one-day fair. The second incarnation is bigger, features artist self-publishers only, and “continues to avoid the restrictions and market dominance of much contemporary arts culture”.

The publications are considered art works, however, affordable and available, with “the ideas, images and text produced and published by artists who understand the restrictions and freedoms of the printed page”.

Artists and publishers to look out for include Ami Clarke of Banner Repeater, Cesura//Acceso, Da Thirst, Dan Szor & Racheal Crowther, Ed Lehan & Lena Tutunjian, Hannah Sawtell, Laura Yuile, Owen Piper and more.

See the ASP website for details.**

Artist Self-Publishers' Fair II @ ICA, Sep 10


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Plastique Fantastique present After London, Apr 4 – 11

5 April 2016

Plastique Fantastique is presenting a series of events called After London, as part of a residency at London’s The Horse Hospital from April 4 to 11.

The events come as part of The Horse Hospitals’s broader Collective Intention: Affirmative visions from communes, collectives and cults programme, envisaged as a collection of human and inhuman avatars delivering communiqués from the extreme past and the future. The Berlin-based collective has curated screenings and performances to respond to titles: After London (we believe in the assets we do not believe in), which will take place on April 6, and After London (nothing is true, everything is permitted) on April 9.

The latter hosts a mixture of artists well known to each other and to a discourse of transformation, immersion, spillage, pop culture, synthetics and virtual space. Artists Da Thirst, Joey Holder, Benedict Drew, Plastique Fantastique, researcher Mikey Tompkins and art historian Ayesha Hameed will perform, while Mark Leckey‘s film, ‘LonDonateller’ will be screened.

Both events are accompanied by the same lengthy text that describes “what exactly happened” after London, where “the river is off limits …a boiling sludge …and the sky is off limits too …the bees have the air …nothing inside gets outside …and talk-talk only flies inside …”, and where “after London everyone outside struggles with the flood caused by the comet…”.

See the FB event pages for April 6 and April 9 for further details.**

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